November 25, 2022

Our Favorite Things 2022 — Teacher Gift Style!

I don’t know about you, but I love gift giving! Finding that perfect item for someone and watching them open it with excitement really is the cherry on top of the holiday season!

Every year Oprah comes out with a list of her favorite things, and we wanted to do the same, except with a teacher twist! Sometimes it is hard to come up with gift ideas and we hope that this list has a few things you might want to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or yourself!

gifts for new teacher 2022

1. Personalized Stamps 2. Laptop Backpack 3. Custom Classroom Sign 4. Teacher Affirmation Cards 5. Felt Letter Board 6. Wood Bead Lanyard 7. Personalized Notepad

Gifts Techy

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2. Non-Toxic Screen Cleaner Kit 3. Wireless Presenter 4. Portable Charger 5. Tech Tee 6. Portable Bluetooth Speaker        7. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Gifts CaffieneAddict

1. Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker   2. Peace Coffee Seasonal Coffee Subscription 3. Handheld Milk Frother/Drink Mixer 4. Ember Mug                   5. Adulting Merit Badge Mug 6. Brumate Tumbler 7. Bubble Tea Kit

Gifts HealthNut

1. Water Filter Pod 2. Fitness Tracker 3. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle 4. Travel Blender 5. Portable Air Purifier 6. Silicone Zip Top Containers 7. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

Gifts AnimalLover

1. The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts 2. Funny Custom Pet Portrait Canvas 3. Hanging Sloth Planter 4. Pet Camera 5. Penguin Eyeglass Holder 6. Skillmatics Card Game: Guess in 10 Animal Planet

Gifts Activist

1. Plastic Free Joco Reusable Cup 2. Zero Waste Lunch Kit 3. A Hundred Thousand Welcomes Book 4. Teachers Deserve Better T-Shirt 5. Socks That Give Books 6. We Are The Change Book

Gifts Organizer

   1. Rolling Storage Cart 2. Dry Erase Pockets 3. Softbound Lesson Planner (Lefty Friendly!) 4. Wireless Doorbell 5. The Reusable Notebook                 6. Classroom Birthday Board

Hopefully, these gift ideas will help ease the stress of searching for gifts and introduce you to a few new items and companies. Stay cozy, stay connected, and happy shopping!

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