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November 13, 2023

Our Favorite Teacher and Student Podcasts that Teach Gratitude and Happiness

November is the month we often explore what it means to be grateful.

Dr. Brené Brown, known for her work on gratitude, vulnerability, and joy explains that practicing gratitude brings happiness. This video features Dr. Brown as she states, “Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives.” 

To scoot you and your students forward on the happiness scale, we’ve put together two lists. 

The first is for teachers and includes 6 podcasts about gratitude and happiness.

The second includes podcasts and resources to help students be happy and grateful, too!

We are thankful for you!

Gratitude & Happiness Podcasts for Teachers

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

We believe anything that boasts a 10% return on an investment is worthy of a closer look!

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris teaches that happiness is a skill we can learn, like making our muscles stronger at the gym.

If it can make us 10% happier, why not give it a go?!

Truth for Teachers Daily Encouragement

Get better rest by rejecting the culture of busy,” is just one of the topics of this fresh, uplifting pod.

Angela Watson’s daily encouragement podcast is available by subscription, and the tried-and-true podcast (below) is wonderful, and (still) free.

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

Loved by teachers everywhere, Angela Watson speaks the truth with teachers. She covers a range of topics with a “fresh dose of inspiration.”

Huberman Lab

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University. If you want to understand the science behind why we feel the way we do, he’s your guy. In this episode, Huberman explains how gratitude impacts our mental health, and how to create a gratitude protocol.

The Happiness Lab

Intrigue is in the name itself, “The Happiness Lab.” Yale professor, Dr. Laurie Santos studies the science of happiness, and as it turns out, it’s not a better job, more money, or the vacations that get us there.

Super Soul by Oprah

Household name Oprah Winfrey, explains her own gratitude practice, and how she has made peace with herself.

Teaching Channel Talks Episode 78: Practicing Positivity and Celebrating Neurodiversity (w/ Dr. Patricia Wright)

Of course, we had to mention Teaching Channel Talks in this list! Our very own Dr. Wendy Amato, interviews teachers, leaders, and ed partners, sharing their expertise on a variety of topics in the education space.

Dr. Patricia Wright leads the charge to advance the science of positive psychology and skills of happiness, and in this recent episode, she and Wendy talk about her best practices for real happiness and well-being.

Gratitude & Happiness Podcasts for Students

The BIG Life Kids Podcast

Through the adventures of Zara and Leo, this pod explains to kids the many ways gratitude can change your life and make you happy, happy, happy.

It’s Good to Be Grateful

Eat, sleep, water, and animals…this podcast for kids explains why it is good to be grateful! Select the episodes that align with your lessons and let students choose what they want to learn about being grateful and why it works.

Mostly Mindful

Mostly Mindful is a thought-provoking podcast for parents, but don’t be fooled! There is loads of information teachers can use too. From understanding ADHD and anxiety to learning how mindfulness is a tool for managing feelings. The episodes explore ways to build resilience and compassion in these energetic age groups.

Peace Out: Mindfulness Stories for Kids

From meditation to movement, Peace Out provides valuable life lessons and social-emotional learning for kids. It even includes ways to connect with nature and animals and how kids can calm down in the moment–or before bed.

It’s not a podcast, but we had to share this amazing resource called The Imagine Project, whose tagline is, “Teaching Gratitude and Kindness to Children,” with the goal of lifting children above “drama, trauma, and stress.”

For more information, check out these blogs about gratitude from Teaching Channel. And, to learn more about teaching and learning using podcasts, take a look at Course 5278: Amplify Learning with Podcasts in the Classroom.


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