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March 5, 2018

On-Site Continuing Education Courses Are Coming!

Do you remember learning about Paul Revere’s ride warning the Patriots “the British are coming, the British are coming!”?

Well, get ready, because…
On-sites are coming! On-sites are coming!
You don’t need a horse, but saddle up for a wild ride!

Here are the details:

Learners Edge will be offering 8 on-site courses, including 3 new courses, this summer in Council Bluffs, Iowa (just across the river from Omaha!) led by our fabulous veteran instructor, Lance Raabe.

Registrationopens March 21, 2018.

Join fellow teachers and Learners Edge for 2018 On-Site Courses in Council Bluffs, IA. These continuing education graduate credit courses will inspire you!

On-Site Courses for Continuing Education Credits

  1. The Mindful Approach 2 OS 5051 (NEW!) June 11-12, 2018: 3 credits, $450:The Mindful Approach II invites teachers to look at the relationship between mindfulness and the classroom environment. Participants will become aware of the influence that mindfulness can have in creating a teaching method that asks all class participants to be present in the classroom. Course participants will experience a tai-chi session and a “mindful walk” activity designed to support mindful teaching, physical fitness, and overall health. *Note: The Mindful Approach & The Mindful Approach 2 can be taken in any order.
  2. The Teacher Retreat OS 5052 (NEW!) June 8-9, 2018: 3 credits, $450.It’s time to get away from it all! Teachers at every grade level and subject will appreciate this opportunity to reflect, refresh, renew, and remember why the teaching profession is unlike any other. The Teacher Retreat will be held at Hitchcock Nature Center in the majestic Loess Hills area outside Council Bluffs, IA. There will be games, conversations, entertainment, a delicious meal and bonfire, combined with a sense of purpose about the significance of our roles as teachers. If you are looking for a chance to get away from it all, this is it!
  3. Mission Possible OS 5053 (NEW!) June 12-13, 2018: 3 credits, $450:Mission Possible provides the opportunity to create engaging and memorable activities for and with your students! Teachers will be introduced to breakout activities & games and will be actively involved in their creation and implementation. Using various teaching hooks, participants will discover new ways to get and keep their students’ attention and ways to create a memorable classroom experience!
  4. The Mindful Approach OS 5010: July 9-10, 2018: 3 credits, $450:Get a fresh look at the teaching profession! Mindfulness, motivation, and balance are the keys to longevity for teachers and the source of career happiness. Course participants will experience activities designed to promote the development of the whole teacher, including a classroom-based yoga session led by a nationally certified instructor, a nutritionist-led meal planning presentation and demonstration geared specifically for teachers, and participation in activities to promote physical fitness and overall health.*Note:The Mindful Approach & The Mindful Approach 2 can be taken in any order.NOTE:If registering for OS 5010 you are not eligible for OS 5056 as they are similar content.
  5. Outdoor Learning OS 5011: June 6-7, 2018: 3 credits, $450:Tap into your students’ natural curiosity about their world! This course focuses on theoutdoor classroomand introduces teachers to strategies and approaches designed to expand learning beyond the classroom walls.Through educational theory and activities, teachers will learn ways to encourage outdoor exploration while guiding students to connect with nature. Join us at the Hitchcock Nature Center and learn how to highlightthe benefits of developing and supportingoutdoor learning. Just do it!
  6. School Leadership Academies OS 5012: July 2-3, 2018:3 credits, $450:The Leadership Academy movement has gained a great deal of attention in education circles throughout the country as students are being empowered to assume leadership roles in their classrooms, schools, and community. Peer-led projects and activities are proving to be a powerful way for student-leaders to make a real change during the school year. This course provides teachers with the opportunity to learn about student leadership academies and the resources necessary to create an academy for their classroom and/or school.
  7. Breaking the Barrier of Poverty OS 610: June 4-5, 2018,3 credits, $450:This course will provide both real-world and school-related learning regarding poverty. Through participation in the course, teachers will gain a first-hand account of the impact of poverty on members of the community as well as approaches school leaders have taken to overcome the challenges that poverty brings to those seeking change, improvement, and growth in America’s schools.
  8. Service Learning OS 850: June 5, 2018,3 credits, $450:In partnership with Habitat Humanity, this course provides an experiential opportunity for teachers to learn about the impact of service learning. In this course, teachers will explore the resources available to citizens and students and will create and implement a community service-learning project for their classroom and/or school. In addition to a service activity with Habitat for Humanity, each participant will take away real knowledge regarding the importance of service learning as well as how philanthropic deeds make our world a better place.

Think about the warmthof summer and the chance to gather with fellow teachers, friends, and colleagues in an exciting and invigorating face-to-face format!

And one more opportunity for educators everywhere…Blended LearningCourse for Continuing Education Credits:

  1. Blended Learning: The Mindful Approach OS 5056: Online and Virtual on June 4 & June 11, 2018, 3 credits, $450:We are very excited to offer our new Blended Learning Mindfulness course for teachers! Mindfulness, itself, means to be “in the moment” and there’s no better way to discuss the approach than together with your teaching colleagues! You’ll learn about the basic ideas of mindfulness and then experience numerous strategies designed to ignite a passion for teaching in ways that promote energy, fun, and motivation. Are you hoping to enhance your vision for teaching? Are you looking for more “light bulb” moments in the classroom? Our new Blended Learning Mindfulness course is here for YOU!The course will be delivered in an online format. A portion of the course will be independent work, and a unique and essential component of the course will be 2 synchronous sessions held at 7PM CT (Central Time) on June 4th and June 11th. These 1.5 hour sessions require virtual, online attendance and will bring the course participants together in a discussion-based format that allows for the free exchange of ideas/thoughts/reactions to the course activities.

NOTE: If registering for OS 5056 you are not eligible for OS 5010 as they are similar content.

Learners Edge is passionately committed to providing you with continuing education coursework, materials, and tools that will help you succeed in your classroom and in your career.

Offering more than 100 print-based or online courses for teachers, you can earn the graduate credit you need for salary advancement and meet your professional development needs. Contact us today to get started!


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