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April 24, 2018

How to Transform the Classroom With Technology

Below is an explanation and detailed lesson plan on how one 9th Grade English teacher, Andrew Good,used Google Earth to help his students “travel the globe” without ever leaving their classroom. Mr. Good used Google Earth in conjunction with the Globe Theater Interactive Tour website to help his students learn and understand Shakespearean England. Below he illustrates how he transformed his classroom through these innovative digital tools and techniques to engage his 21st century learners.

Description of Project

This will be a precursory activity to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Essentially, the class will virtually visit and chart characteristics of the Globe Theater, the most recognizable Elizabethan theater during the time of Shakespeare.

*Lesson Plan – Google Earth

*Lesson Plan Title: Visiting the Globe

*Core Subject: English

*Grade/Level: 9


* Basic knowledge of Shakespearean England

* Basic knowledge of internet


* Globe Characteristics Worksheet

* Internet

* Laptops

* Projector


* Laptops

* Internet

* Projector

Google Earth

Globe Theater Interactive Tour Website

Globe Theater Characteristics Worksheet.

How will Google Earth help students to meet objectives in this lesson?

* Google Earth will be one of several digital pieces used to visually demonstrate the components, location, and characteristics of the Globe Theater.

* Students will visit the former and current address of the Globe Theater and physically describe the characteristics observed.

Assessment Tool

The Globe Theater Characteristics worksheet will be the tool used to assess learning. It will ask students to describe 8 parts of the theater, describe what the theater looks like on the outside, describe and list neighboring properties, and describe the location of the theater now as compared to what it was during the Elizabethan era.

Step by Step

  1. Access laptops
  2. Have students access Describing the Globe Theater worksheet on the class webpage. Review directions with students, making sure that they understand the links, questions, and goals included therein.
  3. Allow students time to research using the links provided on the worksheet. Students will be completing the worksheet as they perform their research.
  4. Upon completion of the worksheet, we will reconvene as a class to review and recap.
  5. During review and recap, I will project images of the virtual tour and use Google Earth on the Promethean board in order to better demonstrate and describe each piece of the theater.
  6. Upon conclusion of the period, students will return laptops and I will collect completed worksheets for assessment.

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