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October 30, 2018

Halloween Trivia for the Staff Lounge

Q: What is Samhainophobia?

Halloween comes with its own challenges and can cause educators STRESS! Harvest party planning. No time to bake your favorite pumpkin bars. Do we celebrate Halloween or don’t we? Organizing parent volunteers. Taking your own children Trick or Treating. Extremely hyper students one day, overly tired students the next. UGH!

But never fear, Learners Edge is here! We’ve developed this fun trivia game just for you.

It’s easy. Gather your co-workers for a friendly (or uber-competitive) trivia game in the staff lounge!

Here is how it works:

  • Assign a “host” to read the questions and be the “judge” …microphone optional.
  • Break your staff into two teams. Feel free to use this randomizer if fairness is in question.
  • KEEP SCORE! Bragging rights are important!
  • Don’t forget the prizes. There are plenty of leftover popcorn balls to go around.
  • The “host” asks each team a question. If the team gets it correct, they get a point. If they do not get it right, the “host” reads the answer and poses a new question to the next team. No stealing!
  • Add up the points at the end of the game and “voila!” Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

A:Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween. If you are a teacher, principal or anyone that encounters children the day of AND the day after Halloween, you likely have it!


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