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January 15, 2024

Growing and Learning with Nature-Based, Outdoor Podcasts

It is December in Minnesota and it’s sunny and 50 degrees. We don’t know what to do with ourselves!

Whether you live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or a different but wonderful place, spending time in the great outdoors is one of the best things about life. Fresh air, sunshine, and time in nature are proven to reduce stress and heighten happiness. So why not try it with students?!

In our new course, Growing and Learning with Nature-Based Outdoor Education, we ask our teachers to find a nature-based, outdoor educational podcast and then plan how they might integrate it into their classroom learning. Bringing outdoor podcasts into the learning environment brings a fresh, interactive perspective that taps into students’ diverse needs and interests. Many of our teachers find ways to leverage these podcasts as versatile resources that align with curriculum objectives, fostering critical thinking and communication skills through subsequent discussions and reflections.

Listen or take a peek at this list of our favorite nature-based, outdoor podcasts and brainstorm how you might integrate it into your classroom. Or, even better, enroll in the course to discover the many ways outdoor education expands our students’ worlds and nurtures success!

Run Wild My Child Podcast

The main point of this podcast is the importance of getting kids outside and running wild!

Wow in the World

This podcast from NPR and Tinkercast is designed to show kids all the “wows in the world”!

How We Explore

The two questions this podcast ponders are, “How do you become an explorer?” and “What does an explorer do?”

Brains On!

The mission of Brains On is to, “encourage kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using science and history.”

Peace Out Podcast

The Peace Out pod includes mindfulness for children about nature and the great outdoors!

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

You will explore ideas for spending time outdoors when you listen to this podcast–1000 hours or more, to be exact!

Nature Revisited

The Nature Revisited pod is produced by the Wildlands Conservancy which dedicates itself to programs “so children may enjoy the wonder of nature.”

About the Course

Course 5292: Growing and Learning with Nature-Based Outdoor Education is your opportunity to review remarkable resources that champion teaching and learning outside and much, much more. From addressing apprehension about taking students to learn outdoors, to our human need for “Vitamin N,” (nature)—an essential nutrient author Richard Louv discusses in his book, Last Child in the Woods, early childhood educators (PreK-2nd grade) will explore the benefits of nature-based learning.


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