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February 21, 2018

Election Day Resources for Your Classroom

This election has been unlike any in modern history. Presidential elections are exciting for students and provide an opportunity to discuss and debate a range of issues in the classroom. Below, we have complied our list of free, useful websites that can help teach students about our nation’s most pressing issues and the way our democracy works.

Election: Lesson Plans, Resources, and Primary Sources

PBS Learning Media Election Central: This site features a wide range of election information including: election news, history, videos, interactive materials and ideas for facilitating classroom debates.

C-SPAN Road to the White House: For video clips of the candidates, look no further! The C-SPAN Road to the White House site features video coverage of many of the campaign stops by Democratic and Republican contenders.

Win the White House Election Game: Looking for ways to add gamification to your election teachings? This simulation game allows your students to run their own presidential campaign and learn about the electoral process through engaging gameplay.

Great Free Resources for Teaching Election 2016: With links to in-house content, as well as classroom-friendly political websites, this NewYork Times Learning Network collection will enable students to conduct in-depth research into a variety of election issues.

Citizens, Not Spectators: Designed to promote voting among young Americans by providing engaging voter education to students in grades 4-12. This useful curriculum for students will help to “demystify the voting process,” with lessons that help students understand voter registration, how voting works, how to become an informed voter and why it is important to cast an informed vote.

Additional Election Day Resources:

How are you planning or how have you incorporated the Election in your classroom?


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