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April 24, 2018

Digital Resources for the Classroom

Cohort-IconIn one of our popular tech courses 5061: Technology: Byte Size, Big Learning, math educator Greg Mihalopoulos from Columbus, Ohio, was asked to reflect on ways he could become a more effective and visionary educator.

As you will see below, Greg “added” a “number” of digital resources he will use to engage students and to transform his classroom into a high tech learning environment.

Read on to see if any of these tools “add up” for your classroom!

  • Utilize a smart board to present daily lessons and for class activities
  • The use of Microsoft PowerPoint to createlesson plans makes it possible to send the daily notes to student’s smart device or home computer via text or email thus alleviating students from note taking and allowing them to concentrate more on understanding the material that is presented. It also increases instructional time because the teacher does not have to wait for students to finish copying notes in order to proceed with the lesson.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint can also be used to create presentations which can easily incorporate various multimedia tools.
  • Free Internet sites like and are excellent sources of high quality instructional videos that can be used to introduce a topic or to stimulate a more in-depth discussion.
  • In my content area math, free sites like those noted below,provide great interactive illustrations of math concepts using java applets.

Classroom web pages

Classroom-IconA site like allows teachers and students to create web pages at no cost. Teachers can post assignments, create message boards for students, post upcoming events to a calendar, post articles of interest and links to resources and receive documents uploaded by students.

Digital gradebook

Books-Computer-IconAn electronic gradebook like Gradekeeper,gives students and parents online access to grades and missing assignments, generate reports and provide a way for parents and students to communicate with the teacher. Some online gradebooks like JumpRope, have more advanced features. Teachers can track student’s growth goals, create assignments based on standards and analyze.

Tell us about any digital resources or tech tools for the classroom that you have incorporated in your teaching routine! We would love to hear what you are using.


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