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April 10, 2023

Infuse Creativity and Technology with this STEAM Activity

Interested in an educational approach that encourages critical thinking, creativity, experiential learning, collaboration, and belonging in the classroom? Meet STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math! In our new course, 5266: Full STEAM Ahead with Arts in STEM Education, you’ll learn how pairing arts areas with STEM content supports deeper learning and engagement. The research is clear–the arts are good for our brains–so it’s vital to incorporate opportunities for learning with, and through, the arts in our STEM classrooms.

For a sneak peek into course 5266, check out the activity below to help your students see themselves in STEAM careers while creating authentic learning experiences to support students’ 21st Century Skills.

Application: Collaboration and Connection

Empowering students to pursue coursework and future careers in STEAM starts in the classroom! Seeing examples of STEAM professionals from their racial or ethnic group is impactful for students. Girls and LGBTQ+ students are encouraged by seeing people of the same gender identity represented in STEAM fields, too. 

Take Action. Research local, national, or global organizations, businesses, community groups, or individuals that would enrich learning experiences and help students see themselves in STEAM fields. Draft a proposal for a virtual or in-person classroom visit, or a field trip to their organization for your class. You may find it helpful to browse the optional resource “STEAM Careers for the 21st Century,” by Susan Riley as you’re getting started.

Make a Plan:

  • Create a list of 5 or more organizations or individuals with whom you would like to connect
  • Create a draft of a 2-paragraph or longer email or letter you could send outlining a potential classroom visit or field trip, including:
    • Why you are committed to STEAM education and encouraging student participation and belonging in STEAM careers
    • Your interest in learning from this particular individual or organization
    • Topics you would like the visitor to discuss with the class about their STEAM career (relevant to student interests, age level, etc.), or what you hope students might explore or learn from a field trip

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, an educator in any STEM content area, or an arts specialist, you’ll find valuable ideas to reach every student in this innovative course. Check out 5266: Full STEAM Ahead with Arts in STEM Education to learn more!


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