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February 21, 2018

Coming Soon…Badges at Learners Edge!

Badges are all around us.
We see them in many forms. We see them as awards of recognition given for accomplishments in sports or for heroic feats. They’re used by law enforcement and government agencies to convey authority. Scouts use them to track progress and mastery of skills such as camping, community service and even cookie selling.

Traditionally, badges have been a physical item that one would pin on their chest or put on their shelf, but things change, and technology has added a new element to badges. Badges have gone digital and are now more accessible and numerous than ever.

The IMS Open Badges Workgroup defines digital badges as the following:
“Badges are information-rich visual representations of verifiable achievements earned by recipients…”

Digital badges have been great for education because it is not typically convenient to wear an “Amazing Teacher” badge to school or bring a “Teacher of the Year” trophy to an interview. Instead, badges allow teachers to point to a professional page online where unique achievements are recognized or badges are displayed. Teachers can also consider adding badges to their LinkedIn profile, to their resume, or on their classroom web page.

Learners Edge has spent 15 years empowering teachers by providing exceptional continuing education. We hope this new approach to badging will further empower teachers by providing them with the ability to display years of continuing education that many teachers have completed but often goes unrecognized. Traditionally, badges are offered on a one-to-one basis: one badge to represent one course. Learners Edge is approaching badges differently by offering badges that represent all the courses taken in a subject area and the expertise that focused learning represents. This allows teachers to have badges that are unique to them and accurately reflect their total investment in continuing education.

Learners Edge is offering badges that grow with the learner.
Every course completed, whether it be 1, 2, or 3 credits, will earn you a badge. Complete multiple courses in a course category and not only receive badges along the way, but earn higher badge levels that correspond to the number of courses taken.

Badge levels include:

  • Specialist (9-14 credits in a single course category)
  • Expert (15-20 credits in a single course category)
  • Master (21-26 credits in a single course category)
  • Scholar (27+ credits in a single course category)

Teachers can utilize and display these badges in the same way they utilize and display other professional accomplishments throughout their career. Badges will provide a verifiable means of conveying continuing education and the expertise it represents. Finally, teachers will be able to showcase their ever-growing expertise gained through a life of learning!

Learners Edge Customers – We’re making it easy for you!
Badges will be retroactively issued to anyone who completed a course during or after the Fall 2013 Session. Badges will “expire” 5 years after the date of grade issuance. In order to progress upward in the badging levels, the next course must be started before the last course taken in a course category expires.

To learn more about Learners Edge Badges, click here.



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