Free E-Book: How to Create a Coaching Program That Works

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Inside this guide learn how to design a coaching program that:

  • Increases student achievement
  • Decreases teacher turnover
  • Improves teacher practice
We first focus on why professional learning supported by instructional coaching must be intentionally designed. We then address considerations for designing an effective coaching model targeted to your district’s instructional needs.

Included in the ebook are the following sections:

  1. Essential Ingredients That Create Critical Impact
  2. Making the Case for a Coaching Model with Impact
  3. Impact Considerations
  4. Quick Tip Questions
  5. What Will You Do Tomorrow?
  6. Change Begins with YOU


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Interested in learning more? Watch our latest recorded webinar of Dr. Pamela Moran and Becky Ellis discussing how to create a coaching program that works here!

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