Do the Smart Thing: Save Big with Groups

Gather your group and get the best course pricing available. It’s easy to sign up and organize. As your group grows, so does your discount.

The Bigger Your Group,
the Greater Your Savings


Save $70 Per Course

Group Size: 3-5


Save $90 Per Course
and earn a free 1-credit course*

Group Size: 6-9


Save $105 Per Course
and earn a free 1-credit course*

Group Size: 10-19

Extra Large

Save $115 Per Course
and earn a free 1-credit course*

Group Size: 20+

Group discounts cannot be combined with other offers and bundles. Discounts are not available on Hybrid/Blended Learning and Fast Track Courses.

Get Your Group Going

Get Your Group Going

Our group discounts start when three or more people register with the same unique code. Get your group growing now. Anyone, anywhere can join the group – so cast the net wide.

Gather Your Colleagues

You don’t have to go it alone. When you gather a group, you’ll get discounts on your courses. More than that: you’ll have a built-in support system as you complete your courses.

Choose Your Own Courses

Choose your courses based on what's most enticing to you. Group members are not required to take the same courses in order to register together.

Purchase & Save

Register any time within the 21-day group sign-up window using your group code at checkout. Pay 50% of the course price up front and your final group discount and remaining balance will process when the 21-day window closes.
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You Can Lead the Way

Ready to inspire the masses and share savings in the process? Become a group leader. Build your group and tap into our deepest discounts while unlocking additional group leader incentives.

It’s Simple to Start

  • Login to your account
  • Select “Group Registration” under your account
  • Click “Create Group”
  • Fill out the form and create your code
  • Invite group members straight from the website and provide the code
  • They’ll be able to register in just a few easy clicks!

As a group leader, earn a $25 refund when you invite 6 or more members to join your group.

Earn up to $75 as your group keeps growing!

Did Someone Say Free Credits?

When you gather a group of six or more, you’ll earn a free 1-credit course in partnership with our friends at American College of Education. Once your group closes, you’ll receive an email explaining how to access your free 1-credit course.

PK – 12+

From curb cuts to assistive technology, when we advocate for students who are differently abled everybody benefits. Learn the history of disability advocacy from the Gang of 19 to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and be reminded why equity and accessibility matter.

PK – 12+

Tackle time management with help from technology! Learn strategies to help all education professionals become more productive and efficient with intentional scheduling, focus, and organizational tools. Use digital to-do lists to set priorities and checklists to track routine tasks.

*This offer is valid for up to 3 months from your original group registration date-offer will expire 3 months after the date of purchase provided on your Learners Edge group order receipt. This offer is in partnership with American College of Education – University Partner substitutions are not available. Your free 1-credit course is linked to your name only and not transferable to colleagues and friends. This offer is valid for the above listed courses only – course substitutions are not available. Coursework must be completed by the session due date of the session selected upon redemption. The free 1-credit course incentive is contingent upon your completed group registration. One free 1-credit course per unique group code. Individuals may redeem one free course in a 30 day window. If your group order is cancelled within 30 days, the free 1-credit course offer is null and void. Learners Edge Session credit limits apply.

Explore all the benefits of our groups.

As a group leader, you can enjoy our best savings and earn a few extra benefits, too!