Did Someone Say Free Credits?

When you gather a group of six or more, you’ll earn a free 1-credit course in partnership with our friends at American College of Education. Once your group closes, you’ll receive an email explaining how to access your free 1-credit course.

Available Through August 31st

#5257 | 1-Credit | PK – 12+

Harness the Power of Screen Time in Your Classroom

Although research shows many negative effects on students’ brains, even when they follow age-appropriate guidelines, we believe that screen time isn’t inherently “good” or “bad”: it all depends on how we use it. Learn how to evaluate and set age-appropriate goals for intentional ed tech use with the SAMR framework.

#5268 | 1-Credit | PK – 12+

Spark Deeper Learning with Thinking Routines

With many opportunities to practice their “thinking moves” in a supportive classroom culture, student engagement and understanding are enhanced. In this course, you will explore ways to pair tech tools with thinking routines that spark the skills students need to be creative, critical, and curious 21st Century learners!

Available on September 1st

#5294 | 1-Credit | K – 12+

Communicating and Connecting with Families

We all want to see our students soar and achieve! Family engagement and effective communication are two tried-and-true techniques educators can use to bolster student success in the classroom and beyond. In this course, educators will explore the benefits of engaging families in classroom events, and strategies for effective culturally responsive communication.

#5295 | 1-Credit | PK – 12+

Immersive Learning with Google Arts & Culture

Make learning come alive with Google Arts & Culture! Discover the incredible resources available on this digital database with artwork, artifacts, and 360-degree images of natural wonders, cultural sites, and more. Whether you teach the arts, history, STEM, world language, or another content area, Google Arts & Culture offers resources to enhance learning and engage students. 

Please Note: All eligible group members will receive an email, 7-14 days after group close. This email will indicate current course offerings as well as a registration form to complete. To take advantage of this free course offer, please wait until you’ve received your Free Course email to register.

Redeeming Your FREE 1-Credit Course is Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. All members of a 6+ group will receive an email following the group close date.
  2. Simply review the email and make your free course selection. 
  3. Next, click the selection button to indicate the course and session that will work best for you. 

*This offer is valid for up to 3 months from your original group registration date-offer will expire 3 months after the date of purchase provided on your Teaching Channel group order receipt. This offer is in partnership with American College of Education – University Partner substitutions are not available. Your free 1-credit course is linked to your name only and not transferable to colleagues and friends. This offer is valid for the above listed courses only – course substitutions are not available. Coursework must be completed by the session due date of the session selected upon redemption. The free 1-credit course incentive is contingent upon your completed group registration. One free 1-credit course per unique group code. Individuals may redeem one free course in a 30 day window. If your group order is cancelled within 30 days, the free 1-credit course offer is null and void. Teaching Channel Session credit limits apply.