Teaching Channel Plus now features The Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

Personalize professional learning in your district with Teaching Channel Plus and The Danielson Group through products and services designed to improve instructional practice for all teachers.

  • IDENTIFY educator strengths and areas of focus through our Professional Growth Inventory
  • USE Learning Plans to guide targeted educator development
  • PROVIDE a customized roadmap for active and concrete learnings
  • IMPLEMENT asynchronous and data-driven learning opportunities for educators

Professional Growth Inventory

Inventory features:
  • Questions based on and aligned to the comprehensive Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters
  • Easy to use format, providing a quick snapshot of potential focus areas for targeted supports
  • Personalized learning opportunities and recommendations tied to data that provide educators with a suggested list of activities
  • A library of offerings to guide learning

Customized Learning Plans

Each learning plan features:

  • Deep dives into educators’ areas of strengths and growth based on the trusted Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

  • Collaborative and personal goal-setting

  • Access to professional articles
    aligned to targeted focus areas

  • A dynamic discussion forum providing opportunities to reflect upon new learnings within a diverse community
    of peers and coaches/advisors

Video Observation Platform

  • Broadcast-quality video library with more than 1,400 videos
  • Tch Recorder App to easily upload videos from your smartphone or tablet
  • Cross-team collaboration through blended environments and PLCs
  • Customized learning sequences
  • Dashboards for metrics and analytics by school or district

Teaching Channel Plus featuring the Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

Just $49 per teacher


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More about The Danielson Group:

The Danielson Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of great teaching. Leveraging the widely adopted and research-validated Framework for Teaching, they work to ensure that students and educators everywhere experience safe and inclusive learning environments that promote joyful inquiry, efficacy, intellectual rigor, and reflection.