Customized Professional Development for Medium Districts

Pick and choose from a wide range of courses, programs, and video tools that match your district’s strategic plan and learning goals.

By Teachers, For Teachers

When we say we understand your needs at Teaching Channel, we mean it. We are a team comprised of hundreds of educators committed to innovating through learning experiences that help teachers thrive and perform at their best. We’ve been where you are and can’t wait to help your district achieve more.
Investing in the right tools for your teachers increases teacher engagement, teacher retention and provides your team with the support they need to learn more and accomplish more in the classroom.
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Goals for your district are high and the right professional development for your team will help achieve those goals

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Self-Reflection and Learning Communities foster a growth mindset. Equip your educators with a video platform to accelerate confidence and collaboration.

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Provide your new teachers with a community of peers from across the country and mentors to help them grow and thrive in the classroom.

EVOLVE: Professional Development on Demand

EVOLVE: Professional Development on Demand

Quality professional development can align and inspire educators. Our flexible catalog of professional development courses provides high-impact learning at a price point that works within your budget. Offer choices or create custom solutions aligned to your needs.
  • Give your teachers choice by letting them select the courses that best support their growth goals
  • Customize programs to your district’s unique needs
  • Choose the modality that’s best for your teachers’ schedules and your budget: on-demand, via webinar, or in person
  • Provide hours-only courses while supporting your teachers’ professional growth and career advancement goals through flex credit courses

The Teaching Channel Platform: Video Coaching & Video Library

Self-reflection is key to educator growth. The platform allows your teachers to see what is working well in their classroom and what can be improved. And it works just as well as a mentoring tool, making it easy for others to provide direct feedback. Coupled with our library of 1,600+ exemplar videos, your teachers have unlimited access to best-in-class teaching across the U.S. and beyond.

  • Connect your teachers virtually, across buildings, to facilitate team-building and collaboration
  • Use videos as discussion prompts for your PLCs
  • New videos are added monthly to support today’s classroom needs
ENGAGE Video Library: 1500+ Exemplar Videos
ENGAGE Feedback: Video Coaching

EQUIP New Teacher Development

Empower your new teachers through skill-building and increased confidence in the classroom. This community supports a network of new educators from across the country all facing challenges unique to rookie teachers. By providing the right support system, your newest teachers will grow to love the teaching profession and embrace a culture of continual growth.
  • 12-month program comprised of synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Mentoring and feedback from seasoned educators
  • Implement new practices immediately in classrooms for maximum impact


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Teaching Channel is a division of K12 Coalition, an organization built for our mission of teaching for the greater good. Our wide-ranging products and services help solve the complex challenges that can hinder teacher recruitment, morale, performance and classroom impact. From alternative certification to continuing education and professional development to custom solutions for schools and institutions, we are a group of educators from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences committed to making a difference in our schools and kids’ lives.