Helping New Teachers Thrive in the Classroom​

Jumpstart the careers of your new teachers with guidance and support from mentors who have been in their shoes.

Advance Your Teaching Practice

EQUIP is a professional development program that helps new teachers quickly build skills and confidence in the classroom. Your time is precious, and we have the guidance new teachers need to perform at their best.

Lessons to Get You Started

Lessons to Get Started

New teachers can learn at their own pace with asynchronous modules exploring topics like culturally responsive teaching, parent-teacher conferences, student data, literacy and more.

  • Minimal time commitment with big impact
  • Blended learning for solo and group work
  • Build a network of colleagues they can learn from
  • 12-month program delivers learning that pays dividends for years to come

Get Access to Expert Advice

The EQUIP program offers interactive sessions with guest speakers and teacher experts on common challenges faced by new teachers.

  • Webinars with experts focused on topics specific to teachers with 0-3 years of experience
  • Monthly Q&A opportunities to have questions answered by experts
  • Facilitator feedback on each submitted assignment
Get Access to Expert Advice
Grow Together, Support Each Other

Grow Together, Support Each Other

The support of peers makes a difference. The EQUIP program facilitates the ability to work with a team of new teachers, throughout the curriculum.

  • Earn up to 45 professional development hours
  • Receive continual feedback, advice, and support
  • Practice what is learned the next day in the classroom and see your new teacher’s skills grow and grow

Start Accelerating Your New Teachers' Growth Today

EQUIP A Program for New Teachers starts at $3,999 for up to 30 teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equip. A Program for New Teachers is a year-long blended program focused on supporting new teachers through common challenges as they move from preparation into professional practice. Our long-term goal is the same as yours—to set new teachers up for success early in the profession in a way that will last a lifetime. We welcome new(er) teachers with zero to three years of professional experience. Participants will discover best practices through monthly asynchronous modules packed with resources, peer interaction, and subject-specific coursework with facilitator feedback on each submitted assignment. Each month, participants will attend synchronous (webinar-style) sessions with guest speakers and teacher experts on common challenges faced by new teachers. The monthly sessions will include Q&A opportunities allowing new teachers to have their questions answered by experts and experienced practitioners.

Anyone can join Equip! However, we designed this course specifically for educators with 0-3 years of classroom experience.

Equip can be purchased by an individual new teacher here. If you are considering a group purchase, complete the form on this page so that our team can help get your new teachers started.

This is a blended learning offering that allows the participant to access the content in three different ways depending on their needs: 

Level 1: Access Resources and Advice

To access the content at this level, new teachers will dig into the resources provided in the course by completing the investigation activities, attend the synchronous sessions that work for their schedule and engage with peers at their convenience. There is no need to submit assignments, but we hope that new teachers use all the information that is applicable from the course to improve their professional practice on their timelines and terms. 

Level 2: Apply New Learning and Grow from Feedback

To access the content at this level, new teachers will complete the activities outlined in level 1 AND complete and submit all required assignments for feedback.  If all required assignments are submitted, new teachers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion documenting 45 hours of professional learning. Required assignments include: 

  • 1 application activity per module  
  • Attendance at the synchronous session each month  
  • 1 discussion forum post following each synchronous session per module  
  • 1 course reflection in module 12  

Level 3: Dive Deeper with Extension Activities and Additional Resources

To access the content at this level, new teachers will complete the activities outlined in Levels 1 and 2 AND extend their learning as they see fit with our Extra Edge content sections. The Extra Edge sections provide additional resources and extension activities. Teachers will earn a Certificate of Completion documenting 45 hours of professional learning AND they will have taken the initiative to learn and grow even more! 

As a blended learning offering, participants will complete course activities both asynchronously (on their own) and synchronously through monthly webinars. Participants will receive Zoom invitations for each synchronous session that they can respond to with any questions they have for the panelists. Prior to the synchronous session scheduled for the month, participants will work through the activities in the module based on their chosen level of engagement. Then, following the synchronous session, participants will complete the “Reflection and Sharing” activity with peers before moving to the next module.  

This program will launch in August of each year, but enrollment is ongoing, so a new(er) teacher can start whenever they are ready. The program topics and monthly sessions are built around the typical school year calendar allowing any new teacher to enter the program at any time and sync up with other participants working on relevant content based on the time of year and stage of the teaching career.

This program has a $450 value, but we’ve priced the program at $189 to ensure that new teachers can access it.  We also encourage new teachers to inquire about professional development funds that may be available through their school or district.   

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More Ways to Succeed

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