Our Mission

Teaching Channel’s mission is to create an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow.

We believe teachers should have opportunities to learn from each other… whenever they want; and teachers tell us that video has become essential to helping them see a broad range of approaches for working with students and for fostering self-reflection.

Subscribe or encourage your district to join Teaching Channel Plus, our interactive collaboration platform for professional learning. Our community is all about getting better together, through the use of video and tools designed for teachers. Our goal is to empower your growth, and that means your students will grow right along with you.

Teaching Channel's Theory of Professional Learning

Self reflection, analysis, practice and feedback are essential steps to mastery. Teaching Channel has resources to support your learning at every phase.

Analyze & Seek Feedback

Get feedback from colleagues. If you're on Teaching Channel Plus, private groups enable ongoing collaboration. It’s one of the most powerful professional learning tools to reflect on your teaching, student work, and to see evidence of your own progress.

Practice & Gather Evidence

Practice new techniques in your own classroom and video record yourself. If you’re on Teaching Channel Plus, you can go even deeper by uploading that video or copies of student work to share and discuss with trusted colleagues.

Gather & Focus

Discover and collect new ideas and exemplars relevant to you by clicking the filters on the videos page.

Watch, Read & Analyze

As you watch, use the interactive Notes tool to record ideas you notice.

Translate & Adapt

Now, customize the technique for your own classroom. How would you adapt the strategy for your students?

See the research behind Teaching Channel's Theory of Professional Learning.