The New Teacher Toolkit: Resources for Your New Teachers

The initial years in the classroom can be both thrilling and challenging, and we understand that your teachers might be feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. But worry not! This New Teacher Toolkit is here to provide your new teachers with a wealth of invaluable resources, expert insights, and tried-and-true advice from seasoned educators. Within these 39 pages, you will find an array of downloadables, free resources, and a treasure trove of wisdom that will empower your new teachers to navigate the exciting world of education with confidence and grace.


Inside this toolkit there is:

  • An Essential Checklist for the First Days of School
  • A Template for Back-to-School Welcome Letters
  • A Customizable Classroom Management Plan
  • & Many More Resources for Your First Years in the Classroom


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EQUIP for New Teachers

EQUIP is a professional development program that helps new teachers quickly build skills and confidence in the classroom. New teacher time is precious, and we have the resources, reassurance, and suggestions needed for success.

Lessons to Get You Started

Anytime Access to Curated Resources

Learn at your own pace with asynchronous course modules exploring topics like culturally responsive teaching, parent-teacher conferences, classroom management, assessment, instructional strategies, and more. These course topics are organized by time frames related to the typical school year calendar. You can access any module at any time.

Support and Advice from Experts in the Field

You won’t learn alone. EQUIP for New Teachers offers a variety of content around common challenges faced by new teachers, and better yet, it ensures access to mentors, peers, and experts.

Get Better Every Day

The EQUIP program provides a variety of opportunities for new teachers to improve their professional practice.

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Top Courses for New Teachers

Learning to Learn: Student Skills for School and for Life

Course 5847 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12+

This course seeks to define executive function skills and offers a variety of ways to teach, assess, intervene, and adapt to help all students be successful. Participants will come away with many teaching structures and activities to strengthen executive functioning in learners. Teachers will learn strategies their students can immediately put into action and methods for tying executive function skills to teaching and learning academic content.

Raise the Bar: Positive Interventions for Students Who Challenge Us

Course 5849 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-8

This course gives plenty of techniques and strategies for K-8 teachers to proactively assist students in achieving target behaviors through positive behavior intervention. By deconstructing the functions of the problem behaviors, educational professionals can address the root of a child’s issue instead of simply addressing the behavior.

What Great Teachers Do

Course 855 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12+

Explore the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions that form the fabric of life in the best classrooms and schools and see what it means to be a great teacher! What Great Teachers Do takes a look at a number of great teacher topics including classroom management, testing, decision making, and relationship building. Participants will examine their core beliefs, be asked to challenge the status quo and develop activities meant to inspire students.