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November 1, 2022

Which Cat Personality Matches Your Teaching Style? [QUIZ]

OK, since you clicked on this quiz, we’re going to make an educated assumption: You live with at least one cat. We bet it’s cute, too. Quick question, though. Your buddy harbors some quirky, if not downright unexplainable behavioral traits, right?  

Turns out, cat personalities mirror individual teaching styles. If you think we’re kidding, let’s travel back 12,000-plus years, when Neolithic farmers domesticated the African wildcat. At that point in history, a universal truth about our feline friends manifested. That is,there is no such thing as an ordinary cat. And, well, the same universal tenet rings true for educators.

Yes, perhaps you’ve never clawed a couch to fluffy bits. And maybe you’re not all that enamored with laser pointers. Perhaps tuna isn’t exactly your lunch of choice. Nevertheless, the teachers we know, like cats, understand the importance of balancing grace and accountability. Both parties adapt but maintain their values no matter what, and sometimes they have to use unorthodox methods to get a point across.  

The question is: Which cat personality matches your unique teaching style?

On the first day of school, which is your most important goal?

Choose the fictional cat you like most.

Movie night! Which of these titles do you pick?

What does your best day look like?

Which description most accurately describes your personality?

Which Cat Personality Matches Your Teaching Style?

The Dog-Cat

The dog cat

We’re not sure why, but some people consider the friendships we share with dogs and cats as a binary, either–or choice. But why should we have to choose between two wonderful things when we can have both? The Dog-Cat delivers this dual choice within one creature. In other words, when you have a cat who greets you at the door, sees to your emotional needs, and dances for treats, then you’re truly blessed.

This means that you, as a teacher, absorb and apply everything you learn about classroom management and pedagogical techniques. You store all that information in your mind, so that no matter what the day has in store, you’re ready. You might be a popular teacher who has earned the favorability of both students and colleagues.

You show your kids love and dedication every day. It’s time you learn how to do that for yourself — which is why we recommend our PD course Stress Reduction for Better Teaching.

The Friendly Feline

The friendly feline

It’s probably safe to say that every cat (and teacher) holds a bit of the Friendly Feline in their personality. This cat is a goshdarn delight to be around. It’s unlikely you’ll ever hear this furball hiss or spit at anyone, even if the creature who would have been on the receiving end deserves it.

As a teacher, you show kindness every single day—to the kids, to the parents, to the other teachers, and to the admins. We don’t mean to stereotype, but we’re betting you put spiders outside instead of squashing them with a textbook. In several unexplained meteorological events, rainbows have appeared over your head. Either way, it’s that general goodness that inspired you to become an educator. Your kids are lucky to have you.

You show your kids love and dedication every day. It’s time you learn how to do that for yourself — which is why we recommend our PD course Staying Present: Mindfulness for Better Teaching and Learning.

The Cavalier Kitten

The cavalier kitten

The Cavalier Kitten does not react to situations the way many other cats do. Quite often, these animals don’t react at all. If the scenario merits no response, then why bother? Yes, it’s tough to find a cat who doesn’t bat at a dangling string, but there exists a breed that relaxes even in those most stressful moments when others become anxious or make abrupt decisions.

This feline friend shares much in common with veteran teachers who’ve experienced every classroom chaos imaginable. Their calm demeanor allows them to handle the drama with graceful aplomb. While no teacher is immune to the emotional taxation inherent with the gig, you know how to let unavoidable issues slide.

You show your kids love and dedication every day. It’s time you learn how to do that for yourself — which is why we recommend our PD course Beyond Survival Mode: Maintaining your Passion Throughout your Teaching Career.

The Houseplant Hater

The houseplant hater

It’s a mystery (and a curse) why so many cats consider houseplants a culinary delicacy. When you notice the bite marks on that once-thriving monstera plant, you know the Houseplant Hater has enjoyed a bit of leafy goodness. This species doesn’t always munch on plants, of course. Some cats prefer to smash them. Sheesh, how many of us have returned home to find a heap of soil and terracotta shards waiting to be cleaned up?

So how does this personality profile line up with teaching styles? Surely you’re not going around eating devil’s ivy or chucking philodendrons against the wall. No, this connection means that you’re willing to throw out old rules and arbitrary standards in favor of the classroom you want to create. While you adhere to the curriculum, you understand that your chief responsibility remains teaching students, not preset criteria that don’t account for individuals’ unique needs.

You show your kids love and dedication every day. It’s time you learn how to do that for yourself — which is why we recommend our PD course From Burnout to Productivity: Creating a Path for Teacher Wellness.

The M&M Cat

The mm cat

Like the oh-so-popular candy, the M&M Cat comes equipped with a semi-tough shell that hides the sweetness within. These cats might not crawl in your lap at first sight. They may even ignore you completely until dinnertime. But that tough exterior is a façade used to control their environment.

Most of us hear this wisdom during teacher trainings: It’s easier to become more lenient as the school year progresses. And no doubt, those first school days are so crucial in setting expectations and establishing authority. But while your style may read as traditional at first, behind the dominant persona there’s a teacher who loves to see their students have a wonderfully fun time at school.

You show your kids love and dedication every day. It’s time you learn how to do that for yourself — which is why we recommend our PD course Operation Organization: Establishing Order in Your Classroom.

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