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July 12, 2022

The Best Teacher Resources of 2020

Resources reigned in 2020 especially with the new normal in teaching and learning. Topics of the year trended toward culturally responsive teaching and anti-racism work, online and hybrid teaching and learning, and mental health challenges faced by many. Teachers were flooded with helpful free subscriptions and articles a plenty. But time is often of the essence (and a commodity educators lack), so with that in mind, we’ve curated the best resources of 2020! We trust these will be helpful to you as you move into a brand new 2021 filled with hope, learning, and peace.


  • Unstressed – Dr. Alane Daugherty writes about managing stress through positive emotions. (Learners Edge chose this book for Course 5116.)
  • This Book is Anti-Racist – Tiffany Jewel’s book is good for young people and adults. It’s reflective, informative and hopeful!
  • Balance with Blended Learning – Catlin Tucker shares her ideas for reimaging learning and reclaiming your life.

Blogs and Articles:

  • Mindshift – Explore the future of learning!
  • The Chalk Blog – Find relevant advice and applicable strategies to implement right away.
  • Tchers Voice – Uncover diverse techniques to help students grow.
  • Youth Voices – Revel in this student written blog with concrete examples of ongoing discussions.

Videos and Films:



  • Teaching Tolerance – Critical information to teach about active participation in a diverse democracy.
  • Edutopia – An idea in every article or video!
  • Common Sense – Media insights for teachers, students, and families.
  • ReadWriteThink – Resources and lesson plans for language arts including interactivity!


The best teacher resources of 2020 (002)

Download this list now to print off and keep near your computer, or pass it along to all of your teacher friends!

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