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October 22, 2021

3 Lessons & Resources from Ted Lasso and What We Can Carry Forward From COVID

CYMI, the show to binge on right now is Ted Lasso.  

Ted Lasso is the story of a football coach from the United States who takes a chance by moving to Great Britain to coach “soccer,” that is, real football. There are many lessons to be learned from watching, so when contemplating what we can carry forward from Covid I did what thousands are doing. I jumped on the bandwagon and tuned in to watch Ted.  

Below are 3 lessons from Ted Lasso, and what we can carry forward from Covid.  

Lesson 1: Everyone is Worthy of Attention 

In Season 1, Coach Lasso meets a British coach named Nathan. The next day, Nathan is surprised when Lasso remembers his name. Nathan doesn’t know Ted, so has yet to learn that Lasso is the guy who remembers your name. He’s the guy who believes everyone is worthy of attention.  

Over the last year, students experienced many losses, the loss of in-person learning, the loss of going to school with peers, some have even seen loved ones lose jobs, or even their lives. It is a powerful practice to show students they are worthy of our attention. One way we can do this is by remembering their names.  

Need to up your name game? Here are 3 Ways to Remember Student Names from Learners Edge. 

Lesson 2: Turn ME into US 

Whether we are coaching “on the pitch,” or teaching in the classroom, players and students do better when we are empathetic. If you’re looking for empathy examples, Coach Lasso is an empathy MVP. He demonstrates it daily as he coaches his players to understand the importance of “us” over “me.”   

Empathy is an educator’s super-power. Teachers know how to adjust their game plan by teaching students where they are and can turn a “learning loss into a learning leap.” (Fisher & Frey, 2021). Educators know to stop and listen when students share their struggles and fears—and there have been plenty over the last year—demonstrating true empathy in action.  

We’ve put together a list of Empathy Lesson Plans and Related Resources just for you! 

Lesson 3: Doing the Right Thing is Never the Wrong Thing 

The roster of players from Lasso’s AFC Richmond team includes players from around the world: Lagos, Guadalajara, Groningen, Cordon, Montréal, Benin City, Harare, Kingston, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Although the players come from different countries and backgrounds, again and again, each proves the ability to do what is right. Kindness makes a comeback.  

Through the double pandemics of disease and racism, teachers consistently teach students to weigh the differences between right and wrong. Using guided questions, as role models, and in the discussion of values, teachers teach doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.  

For more strategies, review 5 Ways to Teach Students About Doing What’s Right from Learners Edge. 

Educators, you have what it takes! Should you ever lose your way or feel unsure, we encourage you to remember these three lessons: 

  1. Everyone is worthy of attention.
  2. Turn “me” into “us.” 
  3. Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing. 

And if that doesn’t work, tune into Ted Lasso.

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