December 17, 2019

New Courses for the New Year!

Summer Session Registration is Now Open!

Our Curriculum and Instruction Team has put together nine new and exciting courses just for you! Click on the courses below to learn what we have to offer, or to register now.

Social Emotional Learning:

Course 5088: Keeping Students Safe at School

This course looks at how to keep students emotionally and physically safe at school in our complex world. Teachers will learn how to create safe classrooms throughsocial emotional learning, trauma informed teaching practices, and fostering empathy. Teachers will also learn how to respond to and reflect on school violence.

Instructional Strategies:

Course 5106: Learning on the Move!

Learn what it means to be a kinesthetic educator! Imagine a classroom where students have a “safe place for the mind,” are free to take risks, and where teamwork and communication are key. Explore the brain-body connection and learn how to prepare the brain for learning.

Culture and Language:

Course 5107: Social Comprehension for a Compassionate Classroom

When students ask about current events, race, religion, or politics, negotiating an appropriate response might feel daunting and uncomfortable. This course will give you and your students the confidence, skills, and tools to embrace and honor questions and discussions, seamlessly and courageously within your curriculum.

21st Century Teaching:

Course 5104: Authentic Teaching and Learning for the 21stCentury

If you are ready to bring the real world into your classroom, this course on authentic teaching and learning is for you. Delve into numerous instructional strategies useful for increasing relevance and engagement for students as they connect present and future lives outside of school with curricular concepts. Investigate 21st Century skills, inquiry, project-based learning, problem-based learning and case-based learning with your students.


Course 5093: Digital Tools in the Connected Classroom

Explore and evaluate various digital tools available online to support student learning and the acquisition of 21st Century skills known as the 4Cs– communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. You’ll develop lessons and a project plan that integrate the 4Cs with supportive digital tools.

Course 5095: Teaching with Video to Support Digital Classroom Success

Bring your lessons to life with video that engages students and supports your curricular goals. Participants will learn to filter through the myriad of online content to curate high quality, relevant videos and use free web tools for recording video for instruction, feedback, and differentiated student support.

Course 5096: Integrating Innovative Classroom Technology

Explore technology integration best practices that support increased engagement and academic outcomes in your diverse classroom. You’ll learn to move beyond online skills practice and word processing to integrate meaningful technology into your classroom routine that fosters creativity and critical thinking.

Course 5097: Making the Shift to Blended Learning

Get ready to reinvent the student experience with blended learning! Whether you’re a classroom teacher or school leader, this course will lead you through the development of your blended learning vision and the creation of a comprehensive roadmap to guide your journey. You’ll gain insights into building and sustaining a blended learning culture, explore and apply digital tools to support learning objectives, and design learning activities (for adult or student learners) using blended learning models like Station Rotation, Flipped Classroom, Individual Rotations, and A La Carte.

Course 5099: Your Next Level Google Guide

Go beyond the basic features and functions of Google tools, to explore what’s possible with G Suite. You’ll learn how to take Slides, Sheets, and Forms to the next level with interactive, dynamic elements that incorporate 21st-century skills and set up your Google Drive and Chrome browser for maximum efficiency. Advance your skills and knowledge of G Suite with this intermediate-level course.

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