January 10, 2023

Finding Funds for Student Fulfillment – Fantastic!

When I was an educator, I knew about grant writing and outside funding, but the process seemed so technical and academic, I never investigated organizations or funding. This course will teach you how to jump in with both feet to learn the basics of writing a proposal as you complete a foundational document, setting you up for success!

Breaking things down into smaller pieces can help make the process less intimidating. The following image represents the steps you’ll complete to arrive at a successful funding proposal:

unnamed (4)

Why Should Teachers Learn to Write Grants? Links to an external site.” from the Professional Learning Board, with descriptions of 3 types of grants: Technology/Technological Integration, Teacher Development, or Classroom Enrichment

Now that you’ve found some inspiration, brainstorm 2-3 ideas for a project requiring outside funding and provide a brief rationale for each idea. Your idea may be for a project that directly impacts and involves students, a collaborative team project, your own professional development—anything that contributes to teaching and learning!

Next, show your list to 2 friends and/or colleagues, and summarize their reactions to the ideas. This step is important. Your collaborators can assist you in focusing your ideas, and “poke holes” in your thinking to ensure a stronger proposal.

Once you’ve gotten your feedback, that’s where we can step in to help! Course 5246: Finding Funds for Student Fulfillment is now available to register for the summer session.

Featured Course

Finding Funds for Student Fulfillment

Course 5246 | 1-Credit | Grades PK-12+

Course Description

To fully prepare students for our rapidly changing world, educators must continue to engage students in creative and innovative learning opportunities. You’ll engage with the funding and grant resources that are ready to provide “free money” to support a variety of educational initiatives and projects. This course is designed to walk you through key steps for requesting funding by identifying, researching, defining, and budgeting for a project. Complete this course with a foundational document and build a dynamic funding proposal to bring amazing ideas to life!


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