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January 7, 2020

25 Black Teachers to Follow on Instagram

We feel privileged to be able to share classroom activities and tools that teachers use to improve their students’ lives. During these times of heartache and resilience, our schools have reinforced their status as the epicenters in the battle for equity. And it’s up to all of us working in education to support those leading the charge to make a better world for our students.

We hope that you join us in amplifying Black voices in education! The following 25 Black teachers all offer unique and powerful resources that you can use in your classroom. Check them out and give them a follow.

Keanna Funderburk,

Keanna is a fifth-grade math, science, and social studies teacher who shares her valuable classroom experiences, math lessons, and more. To use her professionally designed teacher resources, check out her Teachers Pay Teachers store

Tamara Moore,

Tamara is a fourth-grade teacher and LGBTQ+ advocate. Don’t miss out on her classroom activities and her favorite picture books that she reads to her students. In addition to her Instagram, she curates a number of playlists on Spotify.

Greg Coleman, @mrelementarymath

Greg is a K–5 math teacher and creator of math resources. Check out his love of making math fun and engaging, with resources to download on his Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Keri Brown, @enchantedkindergarden 

Keri is a kindergarten teacher and blogger. Check out her unique ideas and the activities she shares focused on tech integration in the classroom. You can start with Keri’s Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Amani Toney, @toneyinfirst

Amani has developed digital and printable resources for first-grade students. If you use TPT, and you don’t have tons of followers, her free e-book will help you gain traction. Access her e-book here

April Graves, @gravygrades 

A 20-year classroom veteran, April has developed a robust set of pedagogical tools on her TPT store. You bet she has teaching strategies, but she also has serious style. 

Jamaica Kirby, @rockingthatpreklife

Whether you’re watching her YouTube videos or downloading classroom tools from her TPT page, your early education game will only improve when you leverage Jamaica’s resources.

Vennieta Grant, @loveteachrepeat

An eighth-grade ELA teacher and social justice advocate, Vennieta has been teaching for 18 years. In mid-2020, the one thing she wants you to understand is the importance of educating through crisis

Esther Brunat, @estherbrunat

Esther teaches high school math. Her sense of humor makes us wish we could go back in time and be one of her students. Her website hosts a cornucopia of resources and thought leadership.

Patrick Harris, @presidentpat

A true hero in the struggle of transitioning to digital learning, Patrick teaches seventh and eighth grade in Detroit. In addition to his work in the classroom, he owns a media company that seeks to make equitable schooling and high-quality education an international priority. Learn more about Good Trouble Media

Alyssa Gray-Tyghter, @alyssagtyghter 

Alyssa Gray-Tyghter is a middle school teacher and PhD candidate who espouses the value of social justice in her classroom. You can find her wisdom in many places, but a good place to start is listening to her podcast, Teachers Like Us.

Mr. Jay, @ur_kids_favorite_prek_teacher

Mr. Jay tells his students “never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.” This is wise advice from an educational professional molding young students’ minds. To see him in action, check out his Instagram channel.

LaQuisha Hall, @mrshallscholars

LaQuisha teaches ELA and is a strong advocate for literacy. These feats landed her a “Teacher of the Year” award in the Baltimore Public School system. In addition to her work in the classroom, she founded Queendom TEA

Darius Phelps, @mr.dphelps 

Darius is the winner of a “Childcare Giver of the Year” award. The more you learn about his work in the classroom, the more you understand why. He’s not just an award winner, but also a game changer. Don’t miss his TED Talk.

Da’Nall T. Wilmer, @danalltyrell 

Da’Nall’s work in the classroom is amazing. But he takes his work in education one step further. Check out his nonprofit organization Boys in the Good.

Jamilah Hud Kirk, @principalcaptainkirk

Jamilah helps other school leaders transform their institutions. Believing that a leader’s success is measured in how he or she helps others grow, she advocates for educators in all stages of their careers. Check out her website for more information. 

Johnathon Hines, @swooshmoneyhines

Johnathon is the first Black educator to be named Pre-K Teacher of the Year in Georgia. His dedication to being a positive role model in his students’ lives becomes more and more evident as you read his books and borrow his classroom activities. Check out his official website for more information.

LaNesha Tabb, @apron_education 

LaNesha is a K–2 teacher and national presenter (with an unabashed love for aprons!). She offers innovative ideas and insights that provide the foundation for accelerated learning in elementary school and beyond. We highly encourage you to read her blog and check out her store.

Nita Creekmore, @loveteachbless 

A K–5 instructional coach, Nina shares brilliant insights on teaching and creates wonderful resources on her TPT site. We’re especially fond of the Lunch Choices PowerPoint. 

Patrice R. Jenkins, @talesofpattypepper 

Patrice teaches third and fourth grade. As if that’s not enough responsibility in and of itself, she also spends time developing teacher resources and classroom activities. For a closer look at what Patrice has to offer, check out her official website.

Melissa Nikohl, @melissanikohl 

A veteran educator and curriculum developer, Melissa offers free tools and resources for educators and parents. Also, if you’re on the job market, Melissa has some sage advice. Check out her website.

Skylar Billingsley, @the_heart_in_teaching 

Skylar believes that the heart of any classroom is its students. That’s why she spends so much time developing new and impactful pedagogy on her TPT store.

Tanesha B. Forman, @love.tanesha

Tanesha is a middle-grade teacher who offers strategies on ELA, classroom culture, and real talk on serious issues. She writes. She reviews books. She helps other teachers thrive. Recently, she has accepted a position as a Humanities Academic Dean. Check out her website here

Naomi O’Brien, @readlikearockstar

Naomi helps her students read like rock stars, so the Instagram name fits. This fact becomes more evident when you read her thought leadership and use the classroom tools she develops. Visit Naomi’s website

Faren Brevett, @missmarigoldmagic

Faren is a “teacher tuber” who offers a glimpse into the teacherly life with classroom vlogs, how-to videos, pedagogical advice, and tips. Check out her channel


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