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October 22, 2019

10 Teaching Channel Videos to Help You Teach

Using Video to Learn

As a course creator, I watch a lot of videos in search of media that compliments and enriches the content of our courses. One of the best educational video resources I have found is right here on The Teaching Channel, a video library packed with curated content for educators featuring real teachers in real classrooms…teaching. 

Although there are hundreds of videos, the ten below rose to the top because they showcase straightforward, easy-to-implement strategies teachers can use in their classrooms (right away!)–and they are fun-to-watch. Please enjoy these 10 videos from The Teaching Channel!

Ms. Noonan!

When I first discovered Ms. Noonan, I thought “I wish she’d been one of my teachers!” With her warm, compelling, and high expectations teaching style, watch how Ms. Noonan gets her students back on track using her “teacher look,” creates a unique classroom culture, and how she helps her students manage transitions. Enjoy these videos today, and try Ms. Noonan’s strategies in your classroom tomorrow! 

1. In this short video, Ms. Noonan, who calls her students scholars, uses her “teacher look” to get students back on track. 

2. “Passion, zeal and humor” are what teachers need, along with knowing how to set up systems and structures “that are mutually beneficial for you and your kids.” Enjoy this video while learning the meaning of quixotic.

3. A Grab Bag Quiz as a transitional tool? Ms. Noonan uses this technique to release students in a way that “makes it [learning] more meaningful and memorable.”

Classroom Strategies

There are as many teachers as there are ideas for teaching and learning! These short & sweet strategies on classroom management, authentic learning, grading, and movement could be just what you need to keep you and your students energized and engaged throughout the school year!

4. If you are a “new-ish” teacher, I know you will relate to this video! “Ms.V,” a first year teacher, meets with her teaching coach at Columbia University to talk through classroom management. 

5. “If I feel safe, I’ll ask questions” is a powerful recognition that principal Anna Allanbrook makes in the video below about Brooklyn New School. As you watch, listen for the phrase, “I DID IT!” and consider how we can “let kids explore, and be, and play.” As it says in the video, “The key to everything is just trying.”

6. “From this strategy, I hope they learn that studying their mistakes and learning from their mistakes is really what learning is.” This video opened my eyes to a new way of grading, mistake-making, and learning. 

7. If you have yet to try movement as a teaching and learning strategy, give the Stand Up Game a go! Kids are sleepy in the morning, and this game is a simple and easy way of getting kids to wake up and get ready for learning!

8. Enjoy learning about SYM!-bi-o-sis with these science scholars. Teacher Meg Richard uses movement because: 

  •      It’s different
  •      It plays to different learning styles
  •      It gets students out of their comfort zones–so students remember the learning 

Hope and Heart

Lastly, enjoy these two videos…one about hope and the other about heart. On “those days” when you feel like you’re struggling, take a few minutes to reconnect with the impact of what you do as an educator. 

9. Look closely at the barrier free architecture, the attitude about students with disabilities, the impact of dual-language and the possibilities! This video is about empathy and community, but the best part is watching the kids sing and looking at the camera in this engaging and hopeful video. 

10. Lastly, this video is from a teacher with 34 (yes, 34!) years of teaching experience. Listen as he distills his teaching career down to one thing, teaching from the heart. 

The Teaching Channel’s searchable library features accessible video-based strategies in action with real teachers in real classrooms. See what the video library has to offer and how the content can help you and your students stay energized and engaged all year long.


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