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The Teaching Channel Platform is an all-in-one professional development solution for your teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators.

Support your educators with 1,600+ exemplar videos, reflect, observe and collaborate with our instructional coaching tools, and utilize our growth data and reports to monitor ongoing success.


 Video Content


Your teachers can easily record their teaching practice using their phone or computer for video-based observations, reflections, instructional coaching opportunities and more.
Reduce Overhead on Observations


Classroom videos offer endless opportunities for continuous PLC discussions and instructional coaching sessions. Observers can embed feedback in key moments during the lesson.
Observation & Feedback Tools


Access 1,600+ classroom exemplar videos from our video library to help educators observe and learn new strategies. Develop your own district library with a collection of your own district videos.
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Help all of your teachers succeed. Easily create and share detailed reports. Our extensive and customized reports are a tangible way to work closely with your teachers to achieve their goals.

The Water Princess:
Land and Water Instructional Guide & Toolkit

Developed for Teaching Channel by award-winning science teacher, Kathy Renfrew, this robust unit and instructional guide will help your students understand the relationships and connections between landforms, oceans, and clean drinking water using Susan Verde’s, The Water Princess.

Designed for early elementary school learners, The Water Princess Land and Water Instructional Guide helps students understand key concepts about land, water, and conserving resources while addressing the challenges the faced in the story. Students will gain knowledge that the Earth can be represented in many different models, as well as the skills to identify landforms, global bodies of water, and the availability of freshwater.

Inside this 36-page instructional guide, you’ll find:

  • A unit overview with learning standards
  • 15 detailed lesson plans for 45-60 minute sessions
  • Customizable templates and printable resources 
  • Everything you need for successful instruction

Podcasts and Microlearning Videos

Teaching Channel Talks

New teacher? Seasoned veteran? Leader in a school or district? No matter what your role, being in education these days is tough and we’re here to help. Join our host, Dr. Wendy Amato, as she tackles challenging issues in education with experts in the field and discusses how to inspire meaningful, vibrant, and fun PD, shifting perceptions about professional learning.

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Using Guided Relaxation in the Classroom

MicroLearning Video Blogs

Do you have 5 minutes? Then you have time for MicroLearning! Each week the K12 Hub offers a free video straight from the Teaching Channel video library and invites you to engage in a short lesson and reflection question centered around the video.

Check Out Our Featured Course

Reimagining Your Teacher Mindset

Course 5273 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12+

Have you ever wondered why some teachers are eternally positive, while others are dragged down by the challenges of the profession? Discover the secret in this fresh and actionable course about the power of perception! Retrain your brain to seek evidence, avoid confirmation bias, and manage stress with positive tools. By releasing yourself from unrealistic standards and the need for control, you’ll develop healthier mindsets that enable you to accept setbacks with grace, and increase agency over what you can control–your own thoughts. 

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Improve Teacher Practice, Staff Retention, and Student Achievement with Video-Based Professional Learning

This back-to-school season, district and school leaders are faced with serious challenges. Staffing shortages, supporting new teachers and retaining them, improving practice, raising student achievement—it’s a lot.

Join Don Rescigno, Managing Director of Teaching Channel; Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Assistant Superintendent of MSD Decatur; and Hannah Karl, Instructional Coach at MSD Decatur as they discuss how MSD Decatur Township has successfully tackled challenges over the past six years by embracing video-based professional learning and they are excited to share tangible steps on how your district can too. Learn how to use video-based self-reflection, peer feedback via PLCs, exemplar videos, and video coaching support to:

  • Improve practice for teachers and instructional coaches
  • Retain more teachers and coaches
  • Raise student achievement
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