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Dialogue with a group of your colleagues to learn about new strategies and trends in education that relate directly to teaching and learning – and earn graduate credit in the process. You may only take one Book Study per calendar year and pre-approval of selected text is required. The Book Study is a perfect opportunity to dig into a new educational text to support building or district initiatives, too!
The Book Study is designed as a group study experience. If you prefer to work alone, please check out iCourse or Tech Study options.

Please see some of our Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics:

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching Channel with Learners Edge, in conjunction with select Academic Partners, offers 3 graduate credits for your participation in a Book Study. The Book Study course is documented on an official university transcript as Course 991: Required Reading, Text Seminar.

Visit our Pricing page for credit and group discount options.

The text for the Book Study must be educational in topic and of graduate-level content: a mix of research and application is best with a recent copyright and credible length (at least 100 pages).

We encourage you to align your Book Study and text choice with your building or district initiatives, but this is not a necessity.

After your group has decided on a text, one member of the group, designated as the facilitator, must complete the form at the bottom of this page or email the title, author, copyright and brief description or web link to: [email protected] for approval – prior to registration. You and your group may officially register only after receiving email or phone confirmation from a Teaching Channel instructor on approval of your chosen text.

You will contact your Academic Partner directly to request a transcript, once you have received a grade from us. 

You may take a maximum of one (1) Book Study during one (1) calendar year—no more than one per calendar year. You may take a combined total of three (3) Book Studies from Teaching Channel with Learners Edge.

The Book Study course requirements include:

  • 4 meetings with a group of colleagues for at least one hour each, with detailed recorded minutes and take-aways
  • Individual written response to group-generated text questions
  • Reflection Requirement
  • Application Requirement (with individual and group options)

Pre-approval of selected text by the Teaching Channel Book Study Instructor is required prior to registration.

You and your group may officially register only after your facilitator receives an email or phone confirmation, from a Learners Edge instructor, on approval of your chosen text. Your selected group facilitator will collect and submit registration forms and payment, and will mail or fax registrations to Learners Edge (we apologize; online registration is not available for Book Studies at this time).

You may only take one Book Study per session.

Visit our Pricing page for credit and group discount options

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