Course 991

Group Book Study (Text Seminar)

Goals and Objectives of this Course:

  • Intention: Participants will articulate intention by thoughtfully stating their learning goals, how the Book Study will make them a better educator, and how the knowledge gained from the Book Study will benefit their students.
  • Awareness: Participants will achieve awareness through the required group meetings, discussion of goals and outcomes and assessment of prior knowledge/experience about the book studied.
  • Investigation: While reading the approved Book Study, participants will design/respond to text related questions and will discuss new learning with the group.
  • Application: Participants will apply new learning through the design and implementation of an initiative, a staff development training, a program/unit of study, or a student/group accommodation.
  • Reflection: Participants will consider the impact of their Book Study to influence and transform their professional practice and student learning.

**PLEASE NOTE** Approval from a Learners Edge Instructor ([email protected]) must be obtained prior to registration

Course 991

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