Understanding Anxiety

Jaime Mcnatt

Free, 3-Part Webinar Series for Educators

About the Webinar Series: Learners Edge is proud to partner with licensed School Social Worker Jaime McNatt to bring you a free, 3-part webinar series on one of today’s most pressing issues facing youth – anxiety. As educators, we are a critical component in our students’ success from a personal and an academic standpoint. Learn how you can help students succeed, how anxiety can affect you as an educator, and how you can work together as a school community. (After attending a session, a Letter of Completion noting one hour of professional development will be available for download.)

About the Presenter: Jaime McNatt is a practitioner with 18+ years of experience in the educational field including school mental health, maladaptive coping strategies and social media addictions, all of which have given Ms.McNatt first hand experience into developmental vulnerabilities and the development of the skills needed to achieve personal wellness.

As a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a licensed School Social Worker, McNatt takes a strength-based approach and utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques focusing on the uniqueness of each client. She is certified in EMDR and trained in Gottman method, ACT (Acceptance-Commitment-Therapy), mindfulness practices, Yoga Calm, and CBT.

3-Part Webinar Series for Educators

Today’s fast-paced, high stress, technology-filled world is wreaking havoc on our students’ mental health. Pulled in so many different directions, students are experiencing anxiety like never before. Learning how to support students who have anxiety is an essential skill every educator needs to know. In Part I of this 3-part webinar series, you will learn about the differences between “good” and “bad” anxiety, recognize how anxiety is manifested in passive or aggressive behaviors, and develop classroom strategies to ensure students are supported and understood.

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Like students, teachers too, are vulnerable to mental health struggles that impact their daily lives. With so many demands, it is essential for educators to insist on taking care of both their physical and mental health. In Part II of this 3-part series, teachers will learn about moral injury, burn-out, and the causes of teacher anxiety while gaining strategies for self-care, wellness and work-life balance.

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One of the most anxiety inducing things to contemplate is school safety. Schools are now rehearsing lock downs and safety drills for a variety of different we-hope-it-never-happens scenarios. While some argue these practices are catalysts for fear and anxiety, others argue they are necessary to equip students, teachers and schools with plans for how to respond in a crisis. In Part III of our 3-part series on anxiety, you will learn how issues of school safety can create anxiety for all, including those in charge of keeping students safe at school.

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