Anxiety and Teachers

About this Webinar

Like students, teachers too, are vulnerable to mental health struggles that impact their daily lives. With so many demands, it is essential for educators to insist on taking care of both their physical and mental health.

In Part II of this 3-part webinar series, teachers will learn about moral injury, burn-out, and the causes of teacher anxiety while gaining strategies for self-care, wellness and work-life balance. After watching this 60 minute webinar, complete the form on this page to access your Certificate of Completion.

About the Webinar Series: Learners Edge is proud to partner with licensed School Social Worker Jaime McNatt to bring you a free, 3-part webinar series on one of today’s most pressing issues facing youth – anxiety. As educators, we are a critical component in our students’ success from a personal and an academic standpoint. Learn how you can help students succeed, how anxiety can affect you as an educator, and how you can work together as a school community.

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Mental health professionals are shining a light on the pervasiveness of anxiety, highlighting the need for for increased awareness and attention to this issue. Young people are notably affected: anxiety affects 1 in 5 children, and 70% of teens say that anxiety is a major problem facing their age group.

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After watching the webinar, complete the form to download your certificate of completion.