1. How do you feel about lecturing?

2. What’s your take on group work?

3. You get to have coffee with one of these famous academics. Who do you pick?

4. How do you best teach self-reliance and independent thought?

5. Pick one word you think most accurately describes your teaching.

What’s Your Teaching Style?
The Authority | Lecture-Style Teaching

Authority Teaching Style

You enjoy presenting a topic to your students while they take notes. This is a great style of teaching in large group settings but can be challenging for engagement and individualization. Your style is ideal for older students as younger students may become bored with the lack of participation.

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The Demonstrator | Coaching-Style Teaching

Demonstrator Teaching Style

You prefer to demonstrate concepts to students through multimedia presentations, technology, and experiments. Combining lectures with visuals, your teaching style may lend itself well to arts and sciences. This style can sometimes stifle student and teacher engagement, so be sure to find ways to include your students in your process.

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The Facilitator | Activity-Style Teaching

Delegator Teaching Style

You love to encourage independent thought and self-learning through hands-on activities. You like to ask questions instead of giving answers. This style encourages student growth but can be hard to pull off in large classroom settings or with topics that rely heavily on memorizing facts, such as history.

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The Delegator | Group-Style Teaching

Delegator Teaching Style

You prefer to observe your students as they learn through group activities. This is an excellent style of teaching for lab-based learning and allows for a lot of peer interaction. Be sure to maintain your position of authority in the classroom, though, especially when working with younger students.

You might like our course Co-Teaching: Partners in Practice. In this course, you’ll learn the benefits of partnering with other teachers to improve your own practice and benefit student learning.

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