On average, what do your students struggle with most?

Which best describes a professional challenge you face as a teacher?

If you could make one of these a reality in your classroom, you’d choose:

What do you wish you had more of?

What causes you the most stress?

Which Continuing Education Course Is Right for You?
You need a course that addresses student anxiety.
Looks like you’d benefit most from courses that tackle student anxiety. You care about your kiddos, that much is clear. And after all the school shutdowns, general trepidation, and economic woes plaguing working families, student anxiety has only increased. Since you’re hunting for the right course, we suggest Anxiety Awareness: Empowering Students with Help and Hope. With this course, you’ll create a classroom environment where students can cope with stressors and focus on their learning.
You need a course that addresses self-care for teachers.
Your answers tell us you need courses that cover self-care for teachers. You’ve heard it before: teachers endure a lot. State testing. Administrative concerns. Work/life juggling acts. All those ingredients culminate with a stressful recipe. And, yes, these never-ending duties wear down on a person. If you’re looking for PD that addresses these concerns, then we recommend Refocus & Recharge: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching. This course gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself, so you can build a more grounded, inspired, and sustainable career in education.
You need a course that addresses classroom technology.
Yep, it seems as if you need a course that covers classroom technology for teachers. With the 2020 shift to remote learning, schools have experienced the dire need for educational gadgets that create a real 21st-century education. Seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to facilitate some impactful and relevant technology-based classroom activities? If that sounds like a plan, we recommend Choosing the Right Tech Tools for Your Classroom.
You need a course that addresses language instruction.
OK, the answers you gave tell us two things: you want to improve your language instruction and you need game-based classroom strategies to accomplish that mission. So, what do we mean by that second part? Game-based classroom strategies entails fun and interactivity that leaves a lasting impression on your students’ minds. If you’re looking for techniques that help you do that, we suggest Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification.
You need a course that addresses math instruction.
Ah, the answer is obvious. You’re looking for a course that helps you teach math in a more impactful way. The thing about math is, it’s so vital to our world. But students sometimes have this hang-up about the subject. Well, that can change when you take the course Mindsets and Math: Enjoyment and Achievement for All, which helps you create a learning environment that encourages all students to access their natural mathematical abilities and build upon their ability to recognize the math that exists all around them.

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