New research proves video coaching can improve the quality of instruction and raise student achievement.

Are you looking to provide effective, ongoing support for your teachers, instructional coaches and ed leaders? The research points to video-based professional learning. 

Taking quality classroom video

In fact, the National Council of Teacher Quality covered a significant study on the importance of providing teachers with ongoing feedback, specifically by way of video.

According to the research from the Institute of Education Sciences, providing teachers with feedback on their actions through video is crucial for their growth and development. Allowing them to reflect back on their teaching in action helps them to hone their skills in specific areas and ultimately become better educators.

As NCTQ points out, there were three key findings:

  • Five cycles of video-based coaching improved student achievement.
  • Eight cycles of video-based coaching had little to no effect on student achievement.
    • “The researchers hypothesized that the larger number of cycles became more time-consuming and did not give enough time between cycles for teachers to practice or reflect on their coaching sessions.”
  • Independent, external coaching positively affected teachers’ perceptions of the feedback they received.
Graphic reprinted from Clark, M., Max, J., James-Burdumy, S., Robles, S., McCullough, M., Burkander, P., & Malick, S. (2022). Study of Teacher Coaching Based on Classroom Videos: Impacts on Student Achievement and Teachers’ Practices.
We can’t say we are all that surprised by the findings, as our district partners have trusted our video coaching and calibration tools for years to foster:
  • Self-reflection and peer feedback–via custom PLCs and cohorts
  • Instructional coaching support–asynchronous and synchronous
  • Building a resource library of exemplars and more

Video coaching is a tool that provides impressive returns.

NCTQ’s piece points out how investing in video coaching is actually more cost-effective than other interventions like teacher pay for performance, class size reduction, and incentives for high-performing teachers. They share, at only $228 per student for the five-cycle approach, video-based coaching with an external specialist could be a triple win for students, teachers, and district budgets.

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