Virtual Coaching & Creating Professional Learning Communities

Whether your district is delivering remote instruction, a hybrid model, or is back in the classroom, video coaching can help your educators to identify effective instruction and improve student outcomes.

Test out our video-based tools.

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The Teaching Channel Platform provides teachers with immediate instructional coaching and peer feedback, virtually.

“As an instructional coach, my transition into this new territory has looked vastly different from what I would be experiencing as a teacher. In my coaching role, students are still my top priority, but I have to filter that through teachers. Meeting virtually in instructional teams allows my teachers to work through the process together, sharing expertise and ideas prompted by the training.”

Rachel Caulder, Instructional Coach, Marion County Public Schools in South Carolina

Rachel Caulder

Obstacles in Instructional Coaching During Distance Learning

Ed leaders, here is how to coach your teachers while schools are closed.

Ed leaders across the globe are currently wading through unfamiliar territory. They are doing their best to lead their educators in teaching and coaching from a place most of us never thought we would–our own homes. Away from our students. Away from our colleagues. Away from many of the things that we hold close to our hearts. And yet, we’re finding a way to make it work virtually for the good of our districts, as it’s imperative we continue to grow as educators for our students.

Solutions for Virtual Coaching

Provide your teachers with virtual coaching through the platform.

Schools and districts across the country, and in various parts of the world, are successfully using the Teaching Channel Platform as part of their virtual or hybrid school plans.

With our virtual coaching platform your educators will be able to:

  • Identify effective instruction–whether it’s remote or in the classroom
  • Self-reflect as teachers, coaches or school leaders
  • Provide peer feedback for teachers–via custom professional learning communities and cohorts
  • Coach, meet, and train–asynchronously or synchronously
  • Build a resource library of exemplars–with remote or in-person instruction
  • Improve student outcomes

“As a coach, it was a logical move for me to connect with teachers through video using the Teaching Channel Platform to maintain a sense of continuity and familiarity.”

-Rachel Caulder, Instructional Coach

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Tools for Virtual Instruction in Education

Ed leaders are finding that their schools and districts are sustaining their virtual models through the Teaching Channel Platform.

As we continue to navigate our new normal it’s important that our teachers and coaches receive the ongoing focused, job-embedded support they need to have a successful school year.

Teachers weren’t trained for what they faced in the closing months of the ’19-’20 school year–and many aren’t completely comfortable or ready for what this school year has brought forth. Ed leaders are quickly realizing that instructional coaching is the key to making sure their educators are best prepared for what the future holds and video will help you get there.

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Through the platform, use recorded video to immediately reflect on instructional practices.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Through the platform, use recorded video to quickly share and collaborate on instructional practices with colleagues in professional learning communities (PLCs).


Through the platform, record video to provide actionable content-specific feedback on video-based lessons to inspire and support professional growth.

Observer Calibration

Through the platform, improve inter-rater reliability among your observers for accurate and valid teacher observations.

Teacher Observation & Evaluation

Through the platform, create and provide detailed and meaningful feedback reports for formal and informal observations.

Educator Training

Create training experiences for dynamic and on-demand learning for teachers, observers, coaches and school leaders.

Evaluation Management

Configure summative evaluation systems and manage internal and imported data, generating final reports at the teacher, school, or district level.