Teacher Training and Evaluation in Higher Education

Change the status quo on how teacher feedback and collaboration are managed in your teacher preparation program—and experience growth that matters.

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Since implementing the Teaching Channel Platform in 2015, teacher candidates at LaGrange College have experienced a 100% pass rate on the edTPA.


Obstacles For Instructional Coaching in Higher Education

Effectively preparing teacher candidates to meet the demands of diverse 21st century classrooms.

Teachers must be ready to meet the specific needs of diverse learners on the first day of the first year of their teaching careers. Preparing teacher candidates for this challenge is a daunting task. A teacher candidate must know and understand educational theory and practices, apply theory in practice during field experiences, establish and maintain caring and supporting classroom communities, and develop critical and reflective thinking skills. Although we have great professors, supervisors, and cooperating teachers at LaGrange College, we felt as though there was a missing link between the instruction in education courses, the application of instruction in the field, the support of the teacher candidate, and the intentional and critical reflection by the teacher candidate.

Video Solutions for Higher Education

Incorporating the platform has provided pre-service teachers with opportunities for purposeful and practical discussions about theory in practice, personalized and timely support, and intentional and critical reflection.

The Teaching Channel Platform has become a critical component of almost every aspect of our initial certification programs. Common videos are shared in courses to facilitate purposeful and practical discussions about theory in practice. Teacher candidates share short videos of their own teaching with professors, supervisors, and/or other teacher candidates to receive feedback on a pedagogical practice recently discussed in class. Through video reflections, teacher candidates develop critical and reflective thinking skills as they analyze teaching practices, student engagement, and student learning in their own classrooms. Personalized, timely and frequent support is provided throughout the program as teacher candidates leave timestamped comments and share videos with their peers, cooperating teachers, supervisors, and college professors.  


Continued Impact of Video Solutions for Teacher Candidates

Teacher candidates more effectively implement culturally responsive and pedagogically relevant instructional strategies—leading to success in the classroom.

Using video with the platform as a component of teaching, coaching, collaborating, observing, and reflecting in our education programs has transformed the way we support and prepare our teacher candidates at LaGrange College. We have seen growth in our teacher candidates’ ability to effectively implement relevant and appropriate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. Our teacher candidates have truly become astute reflective practitioners who are capable of making adjustments both during and after instruction. We are confident that our teacher candidates are ready to meet the diverse needs of students on the first day of the first year of their teaching career, and we rest assured knowing that our candidates have the necessary reflective skills to continue to hone their craft in the future.

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Through the platform, use recorded video to immediately reflect on instructional practices.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Through the platform, use recorded video to quickly share and collaborate on instructional practices with colleagues in professional learning communities (PLCs).


Through the platform, record video to provide actionable content-specific feedback on video-based lessons to inspire and support professional growth.

Observer Calibration

Through the platform, improve inter-rater reliability among your observers for accurate and valid teacher observations.

Teacher Observation & Evaluation

Through the platform, create and provide detailed and meaningful feedback reports for formal and informal observations.

Educator Training

Create training experiences for dynamic and on-demand learning for teachers, observers, coaches and school leaders.

Evaluation Management

Configure summative evaluation systems and manage internal and imported data, generating final reports at the teacher, school, or district level.