Use Cases for Coaching Organizations

Coach teachers anytime, anywhere.

If your organization provides in-person coaching for educators, consider using ADVANCEfeedback® to conduct video-based or to record feedback for live observations.

Record & Share

For a video-based observation, an educator (your client) captures video of a lesson from any device, in any video format. Then they share it with you.

For a live observation, use "Live Notes" feature.
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Generate Feedback & Provide Support

Based on the video-based or live observation, generate a detailed feedback report and provide support resources based on your organization's framework.

Discuss & Grow

Engage in a coaching conversation to process the feedback together and make a plan for improvement.
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  • Conduct all observations in one system—video-based or live through “Live Action Notes.”
  • Receive notifications when videos have been assigned.
  • Access videos from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reference the instructional framework, rubrics and teacher goals and comments while providing feedback.
  • Capture notes and embed comments at specific moments in the lesson.
  • Write and submit feedback reports.
  • Review and debrief with teachers.
  • Track teachers’ growth over time.
  • Consider using it as tool for your coaches to capture in-person coaching sessions and have other coaches provide feedback.