The Upstanders, a Film Program Providing Strategies to Overcome Cyberbullying

The Benefits of a Film-Based Program for Schools

The Upstanders is an iMPACTFUL film program that teaches about the power of connection and resilience to end bullying behavior, both online and in person. 

It imparts the invaluable message of empathy, self-care, and reflection as essential tools for positive change in attitudes toward others. Through this educational experience, viewers are empowered with strategies for becoming ‘upstanders’ – individuals who act boldly but respectfully when standing up for those in need. 

The Upstanders program emphasizes the power of stories, demonstrating how empathy and resilience enable us to reshape attitudes and behaviors. It reveals how new laws and initiatives actively discourage bullying in schools, so we can make our communities safer together.

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Cyberbullying has become an increasingly pervasive issue, but its effects don’t have to be. Be a leader in your community: start the conversation about The Upstanders, and equip students and families with the tools they need to stay safe online!

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