Free eBook: From “Gotcha” to Growth: Teacher Evaluation Systems That Work

The field of public education has made a big bet when it comes to teacher evaluation. But has that paid off?
In some regards, it has.
Over the past few years, 45 states have revised their educator evaluation practices to include more frequent observations; better frameworks and rubrics to assess instructional practice; more intensive training for evaluators; and of course, the inclusion of student achievement measures.

Although this is progress, some might argue we’re still losing the big bet.

If evaluation is intended to improve teaching practice, then something isn’t working. In all but a few of these 45 states, no real progress has been made in moving the needle – in either quality of instruction or student achievement.

But all is not lost. Not yet, anyway. To offer support, this free 14-page ebook will:

  • reveal key reasons why teacher evaluations aren’t working yet
  • provide relevant research on what is actually helping teachers improve their craft
  • offer research-backed traits of effective evaluation systems
  • highlight workable strategies help you build a growth-based evaluation system.

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