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Course 986




1. Intention: Participants will articulate their intention through thoughtfully and deliberately stating their learning goals on the iExplore Application and through their Pre-Exploration Statement of Intention.
2. Awareness: Participants will analyze prior knowledge and experience through the completion of the iExplore Application and their Pre-Exploration Summary of Awareness.


3. Investigation: Participants will learn new information or a new skill to apply to teaching and learning in their own classroom based on the identified goal in their Statement of Intention.


4. Application: Participants will apply new learning discovered through Investigaton by creating and implementing a unit of study or presentation and will incorporate new knowledge, growth, and experience into their classroom/school/district to educate students, colleagues, staff, and/or families.
5. Reflection: Participants will reflect on the impact of their iExplore experience professionally, personally, civically, socially, and/or intellectually and will reflect on how the experience will impact student learning


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