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Course 5902

KnowHow Conference (conference only - no hotel)

Goals and Objectives of this Course:

KnowHow participants will engage in active learning sessions designed to facilitate reflection, foster connection, and enhance teaching practices.

KnowHow participants will gather tools, templates, and models that they can customize and incorporate into their instruction.

KnowHow participants will capture instructional content through an interactive exploration and inquiry in a field-based learning activity.

KnowHow participants will work on the following InTASC standards:

  • InTASC Standard #1: Learner Development The teacher understands how learners grow and develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas, and designs and implements developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.
  • InTASC Standard #2: Learning Differences The teacher uses understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures and communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet high standards.
  • InTASC Standard #6: Assessment The teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, to monitor learner progress, and to guide the teacher’s and learner’s decision making.
  • InTASC Standard #7: Planning for Instruction The teacher plans instruction that supports every student in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge of content areas, curriculum, cross-disciplinary skills, and pedagogy, as well as knowledge of learners and the community context.
  • InTASC Standard #8: Instructional Strategies The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage learners to develop deep understanding of content areas and their connections, and to build skills to apply knowledge in meaningful ways.

KnowHow participants will work on the following ISTE standards:

  • ISTE 2.1 Learner: Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning
  • ISTE 2.4 Collaborator: Educators dedicate time to collaborate with both colleagues and students to improve practice, discover and share resources and ideas, and solve problems.
  • ISTE 2.5 Designer: Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability.


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