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Course 5282

Systematic and Explicit Phonics Instruction for Early Reading and Writing Success

Goals and Objectives of this Course:

  • Use prompts about phonics development and instruction, to describe assumptions and insights of practitioners, researchers and self, including how the information relates to professional education practice and growth.
  • Examine the body of scientifically-based research about reading, including the fundamental components of systematic, synthetic phonics instruction.
  • Explore language structures to fortify your knowledge about and fluency with each of the 44 sounds, articulated sound formation, and sound-spellings.
  • Identify innovative strategies to teach irregular high frequency words.
  • Using models provided in the course, design an explicit phonics lesson that incorporates review of previous content, step-by-step demonstrations, frequent student responses, and multiple opportunities for practice.
  • Develop an assessment structure that examines the needs of the individual students and design differentiated small group instruction to meet specific needs.