RACE To Be Human: Addressing the Fear of Talking About Race and Racism

The Benefits of a Film-Based Program for Schools

RACE To Be Human is an iMPACTFUL Original film program exploring the impact of race and racism on our mental health through student views, parental insight, educator knowledge, mental health specialist expertise, and diversity & inclusion experts – all to provide an opportunity for reflection on how we can become more aware both individually & collectively.

RACE To Be Human delves into powerful topics like microaggressions and allyship, providing the tools to foster empathy-driven communities prioritizing human dignity and belonging. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

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Through the RACE to Be Human film program, participants will gain the tools necessary to develop meaningful conversations around race, racism, and privilege and recognize how language impacts our interactions with others. They will learn how to share perspectives respectfully and compassionately, understand the influence of pop culture and media on identities, discern between stereotypical stories, and create meaningful change within themselves and their own communities. 

The RACE to Be Human program bridges the gap between generations and helps foster a more profound understanding among all age groups. Through powerful personal anecdotes, participants can gain an appreciation of different cultures, challenge their assumptions about identity and media representation in society today, and develop empathy and respect for one another.

Whether this is for elementary-aged children, middle and high school students, or college and adult/corporate audiences, the length and complexity of the themes explored are balanced to fit the different audiences.

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If you haven’t taken the Teaching Channel course: Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color, now is the perfect time to do so!