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At Teaching Channel, we are constantly working to provide teachers with high-quality, continuing education courses that focus on relevant topics and the latest instructional strategies.

We are so excited to continue summer learning with 15 brand new courses—created for teachers like you! Explore graduate-level, continuing education courses on Instructional Strategies, Literacy, Ed Tech, Science/STEM, and Special Populations. Plus, this month we’ve introduced 4 new Fast Track courses!

Instructional Strategies

Making Mistakes Meaningful for Students AND Teachers

Course 5314 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12

In this course, you will reflect on your relationships with failure and mistakes, both personally and professionally, including the barriers faced—from fear, to perfectionism, to burnout. By the end of the course, you will develop a mistake-welcoming classroom by creating lessons and activities for students (and yourself!) to navigate and reframe risk-taking. Learn to embrace mistakes and transform risks into opportunities to rise!

The Brilliance of Playful Learning for All Ages

Course 5315 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12

Explore the brilliance and discover the characteristics of playful learning in this refreshing course about the Pedagogy of Play! Reflect on your beliefs about play as a pedagogy and grow in your understanding about how play enhances learning for students with different abilities, backgrounds, and life experiences. Enjoy the empowerment, wonder, and meaning play can bring to your teaching in this one-of-a-kind course.

Beyond the Book: Creating a Comprehensive Unit for Stamped

Course 5330 | 3-Credits | Gr. 6-12

Teachers rarely have time to innovate their lessons, let alone an entire unit of study…until now! This course provides the tools and resources to develop a full unit of study around the Young Reader's Edition text— Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You! Participants will leave this course with a unit of study ready to implement directly into their classroom!


6 (More) Practices to Shift Your Focus to the Science of Reading

Course 5317 | 3-Credits | Gr. 3-5

The 6 practical, high-leverage shifts presented in this course will expand your knowledge to answer questions like: How can I support background knowledge building to improve reading comprehension? What role does traditional strategy instruction (ex. main idea, inferring) play in comprehending complex texts? How can I support decoding and word recognition skills for advancing readers?


Empowering Students with Assistive Technology

Course 5310 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

Assistive Technology (AT) can be the key to ensuring success for all students! Explore the vast array of high and low tech tools to support students including the speech-to-text, assistive listening devices, and speaking aids, along with resources for specific content areas. You’ll even learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a role in AT!

Teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy for Students

Course 5313 | 3-Credits | Gr. 3-12

Empowering students with AI literacy–the knowledge and skills to understand, navigate, and critically engage with AI–is an essential priority for educators. Develop lessons and strategies to teach students how AI systems work, how to use them safely and effectively, and how to thoughtfully evaluate the ethical implications and societal impacts.


Questions and Connections with NGSS Storylines

Course 5321 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

TThis course empowers educators to revolutionize science instruction with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) student-driven Storylines! Connect with practical strategies supporting hands-on exploration and critical thinking, and create an engaging classroom environment using the benefits of student-centered and Storylines. This course provides tools to revolutionize science education through student driven learning, shaping a future where curiosity and exploration drive student success.

Special Populations

SEL Skills and Practices for High Potential and Gifted Students

Course 5299 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

While gifted and twice exceptional (2e) students are identified based on talent or affinities, this course addresses students’ often overlooked need for social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. Explore research-based, practical strategies for differentiating instruction for diverse learners, engaging both under- and overachieving students, and create an instructional artifact for colleagues to understand SEL goals for gifted and 2e learners.

Fast Track

Effective Strategies for Addressing Off-Task Behavior

Course 5419 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

In this time of elevated student mental health challenges and increased responsibilities for educators, fresh ideas for behavior management and relationship building are needed more than ever. This course features practical strategies to minimize off-task behavior through proactive and low-key intervention strategies, explicit instructions for behavior expectations, and ready-to-implement routines.

Addressing Chronic Absenteeism with Creative Collaboration

Course 5418 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12

Chronic absenteeism, defined as missing 10% of school days, is America’s “hidden educational crisis.” Investigate the impact of chronic absenteeism, explore its root causes, and learn about foundational supports and tiered interventions that get results. This course will provide a road map to rebuild consistent attendance habits in your school community.

Educating with Neurodiversity in Mind

Course 5420 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

In today's inclusive educational landscape, it’s critical to effectively support neurodiverse students in general, content-area, and special education classrooms. This course is packed with resources sharing definitions, strategies, and explanations for a new perspective on what it means to be neurodiverse. Learn how to shift behavior interventions to better serve neurodivergent students, and explore how to support students with executive functioning strategies.

Understanding Anxiety for Student Well-Being

Course 5421 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

As we continue to learn more about children and their mental health needs, anxiety remains a challenge for students everywhere. This course shares information about the multifaceted aspects of student anxiety, including the role of the brain, impacts of social media on student mental health, and considerations for discussing anxiety with students. You’ll learn about accommodations and modifications for students with anxiety, and connect it to rising school absenteeism challenges