Introducing Never-Ending Random Acts of Gratitude

Because teachers should be appreciated all year round.

Teachers do it all every day. You inspire your students, share ideas with other educators, continue to learn about new strategies – and still find time to grade papers. To show our appreciation, Teaching Channel with Learners Edge is launching our Never-Ending Random Acts of Gratitude. 

With Never-Ending Random Acts of Gratitude, Teaching Channel with Learners Edge will randomly select one teacher every month to win a $250 gift card for self-care, simply because we know that teaching is selfless and heroic. Winners can use the $250 however they wish. Self-care is what you
say it is!  

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! If you have taken a course in the past with Teaching Channel with Learners Edge, you’re automatically entered into the drawing. You may also complete the form below to enter – no purchase necessary. Then, every month Teaching Channel with Learners Edge will pull a teacher’s name to win a gift card. Sit back and relax – you are entered. Review full Contest Rules.

Enter the Giveaway!

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