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MindPrint and Teaching Channel have developed an online, self-paced course designed for educators to quickly embrace a strengths-based approach to student learning. You will quickly discover how effective this personalized learning approach will meet the needs of ALL of your students.

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Science of Learning: A Practical Approach to Engaging Every Learner

Course Description: When it comes to our students, we know that one size does not fit all. While most teachers have access to abundant academic and well-being data, they don’t have objective data on students’ cognition, or how they learn, which accounts for the majority of learner variability.

In collaboration with MindPrint Learning, we’ve designed a course that outlines the importance of using the science of learning to understand students’ cognitive strengths and identify the skills to support, which is the most common source of behavioral and learning challenges.

Whether you are a general educator or support specialist, cognitive strengths and needs (e.g. critical thinking, memory, and executive functions) can help you see students through a new lens and guide you towards an easy-to-implement, personalized plan of action. With the MindPrint Learning library of strategies and tools, you’ll conclude this course feeling empowered to address everyday challenges in teaching, learning, and behavior.


Note: This course is designed to support all educators. Individuals may choose to purchase a low cost, one-time use of the MindPrint Learning Assessment. For more information on the MindPrint assessment for your classroom, please contact Ifrat Syeda ([email protected]) for a free trial.


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