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The platform has provided an opportunity for our teachers to receive personal feedback through video-based instructional coaching.

Featuring LaCreasha Stille, Assistant Superintendent, of Gainesville ISD in Texas.

Watch as ed leader, LaCreasha Stille discusses how Gainesville ISD is able to provide all of her educators with the immediate and personalized feedback they need to grow by utilizing video-based self-reflection and instructional coaching through the Teaching Channel Platform.

LaCreasha Stille

Obstacle: Consistent Feedback for Teachers

Ed leaders, provide effective and efficient personalized instructional coaching to all of your teachers at all levels.

Gainesville ISD has many new teachers, a handful of middle year teachers, and quite a few veteran teachers. As a result, it has been a challenge to provide personalized instructional coaching and ongoing feedback to our range of teachers. They demonstrate different strengths and weaknesses and their teaching experience varies greatly, which makes individualized coaching and feedback imperative to their growth as educators. There is not enough time for our administrators to visit, observe and coach each and every teacher in person regularly, which is why we were desperately seeking a solution. 

Solution: Provide Instruction to All Teachers Through Video Coaching

Utilize video coaching via the platform to provide our teachers with the individualized support they need from district leaders.

With the platform, district and school leaders are able to give frequent and individualized feedback to all teachers—from first year to our veteran teachers, and every educator in between. Additionally, using video empowers teachers to observe themselves teaching in the classroom. It helps them to take control of their professional development by pinpointing areas of practice they can approve upon and working towards their individual goals. Gainseville ISD teachers are more receptive when they observe their practice on film, rather than simple being told what they need to work on.

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Impact: Video Coaching Provides Schools and Districts with Sustainability

The Teaching Channel Platform provides the necessary sustainability ed leaders have been looking for.

The platform has impacted Gainesville ISD in a way that we truly did not expect.

At first it was hard to get teachers on board with recording themselves, but once they got over that hump, video coaching became more effective than we could have ever imagined. The wonderful thing about the platform is that it sustains over time. We have created a video library of different exemplar ways of teaching for all of our educators to access and learn from. One of the key components for transforming a district or classroom is reflecting upon what’s going well and what isn’t going so well–with the platform we are now able to do that every single day.

The Teaching Channel encourages reflective practices among teachers and they will continue to develop our instructional program for years to come. When teachers feel supported in their roles, it increases their chances of staying in our system and growing with our team. The Teaching Channel Platform isn’t only positively influencing teachers, but all of our educators. Our education leaders are using the video platform for self-reflection and peer-to-peer feedback–it’s providing continued support for all of us.

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Through the platform use recorded video to immediately reflect on instructional practices.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Through the platform, use recorded video to quickly share and collaborate on instructional practices with colleagues in professional learning communities (PLCs).


Through the platform, record video to provide actionable content-specific feedback on video-based lessons to inspire and support professional growth.

Observer Calibration

Through the platform, improve inter-rater reliability among your observers for accurate and valid teacher observations.

Teacher Observation & Evaluation

Through the platform, create and provide detailed and meaningful feedback reports for formal and informal observations.

Educator Training

Create training experiences for dynamic and on-demand learning for teachers, observers, coaches and school leaders.

Evaluation Management

Configure summative evaluation systems and manage internal and imported data, generating final reports at the teacher, school, or district level.