Specialized Training for Substitute Teachers

Designed to level up substitute teachers and give them the tools needed to succeed in the classroom.

Preparing Substitutes for Success

The Substitute Teacher Program helps promote substitute teacher success in the classroom and encourages retention through offering district support and training, leading to reliable staffing in your schools. Our course along with access to 1500+ exemplar videos creates a scalable and sustainable solution for districts.

Remote Study

10-hour Online Course

No Textbooks Required

Graduate-Level Courses

Certificate Upon Completion

Leveraging On-Demand Learning

Included with our substitute teacher training is access to the entire ENGAGE video library. A robust library of teaching content designed to upskill any teacher.

  • Create custom playlists for targeted learning
  • Find topics relevant to today’s challenges
  • Uncover techniques that work for your classroom
  • Access to tools 365 days a year
  • Use as a portal for storing district documents and lesson plans that help substitute teachers succeed

Options to Fit Your Needs


Up to 30 Seats



Up to 50 Seats



Over 50 Seats

Custom Pricing