Helping New Teachers Thrive in the Classroom

Jumpstart your teaching career with resources and guidance from experienced practitioners who have been in your shoes.

Advance Your Teaching Practice

EQUIP is a professional development program that helps new teachers quickly build skills and confidence in the classroom. New teacher time is precious, and we have the resources, reassurance, and suggestions needed for success.

Lessons to Get You Started

Anytime Access to Curated Resources

Learn at your own pace with asynchronous course modules exploring topics like culturally responsive teaching, parent-teacher conferences, classroom management, assessment, instructional strategies, and more. These course topics are organized by time frames related to the typical school year calendar. You can access any module at any time.

  • Curated resource guides including Teaching Channel videos and K12 Hub content
  • Professional discourse through course discussions aligned to monthly content
  • Bite-sized micro-modules for the busy, new teaching professional
  • Application and reflection activities on key concepts to promote implementation of new skills
  • Monthly newsletters with teaching tips, program information, and more

Support and Advice from Experts in the Field

You won’t learn alone. EQUIP for New Teachers offers a variety of content around common challenges faced by new teachers, and better yet, it ensures access to mentors, peers, and experts.

  • On-demand webinars feature experts sharing easy-to-implement strategies on monthly topics; new webinars added each month
  • Direct access to program facilitator for questions, answers, advice, and support
  • Individualized facilitator feedback on each submitted assignment
  • Discussion boards specifically designed for peer-to-peer interaction and facilitator-to-participant interactions
Get Access to Expert Advice
Grow Together, Support Each Other

Get Better Every Day

The EQUIP program provides a variety of opportunities for new teachers to improve their professional practice.

  • Encouragement to implement newly-learned improvements to professional practices in the classroom
  • Flexible engagement levels to honor the time challenges new teachers face and to allow for varied district requirements
  • Participants can earn up to 45 professional development hours

Accelerate Your Growth Today

Jumpstart your teaching career with EQUIP for just $189.

Frequently Asked Questions

EQUIP for New Teachers is a 12-month program that includes a year of access to the course itself and the Teaching Channel Video Library. It is focused on supporting new teachers through common challenges as they move from preparation into professional practice. Our long-term goal is to set new teachers up for success early in the profession in a way that will last a lifetime. We welcome new(er) teachers with zero to five years of professional experience. Participants will discover best practices through monthly asynchronous modules packed with resources, peer interaction, and subject-specific coursework with facilitator feedback on each submitted assignment. Participants will have access to on-demand webinars featuring their seasoned facilitator and a guest mentor or speaker with new teacher solutions to common challenges. The EQUIP Program Facilitator serves as a resource to address any questions you have throughout your enrollment.

Anyone can join EQUIP! However, we designed this course specifically for educators with 0-5 years of classroom experience.

EQUIP can be purchased by an individual new teacher here. If you are considering a group purchase, complete the form on this page so that our team can help get your new teachers started.


This offering allows the participant and/or district to determine time commitment and level of engagement for the new teacher. Participants can access the content at two different levels depending on their needs and requirements:

Purple Level: Access Resources, Tools, Information, Microlearning Modules, and Support as you need them.

To access the content at this level, choose what you learn about, how, and when! This level does not have required assignments; instead, it is meant to provide proactive and just-in-time learning and resources to help you succeed.

Orange Level: Apply New Learning and Grow from Feedback!

To access the content at this level, complete the activities outlined in the Purple Level AND complete and submit all required assignments for feedback. If you successfully complete all required assignments, you will be awarded a Letter of Completion documenting 45 hours of professional learning.

Required assignments include:

  • 1 Application Activity per Module – 10 Total Assignments
  • 1 End-of-course Reflection

Participants who complete the course at the Orange Level can upgrade to graduate level, continuing education credit for an additional cost.

Enrollment is ongoing, so a new teacher can start whenever they are ready. The program topics and monthly sessions are built around the typical school year calendar allowing any new teacher to enter the program at any time and sync up with other participants working on relevant content based on the time of year and stage of the teaching career.

This program has a $475 value, but we’ve priced the program at $189 to ensure new teachers can access it.  District, building, or large group pricing is available.

Teachers will learn about many relevant topics, including:

  • Joining the World of Education: Introductions, Professional, and School Culture​
  • Setting Up for Success: Classroom Design and Classroom Management ​
  • Building Bridges: Relationships and Communication
  • Best Practices for Instruction: Key Concepts for
  • Teaching and Learning Teaching Methods and Strategies: Engagement, Lesson Planning, and High-Impact Instructional Methods
  • Embracing Each Learner: Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Taking Care of You: Work-Life Balance
  • Getting Better Every Day: Navigating Teacher Evaluation
  • Assessment Of, For, and As Learning: Data Literacy, Informing Instruction, Best Practices for Assessment
  • Teaching Learners with Varying Needs: Universal Design for Learning, English Learners, Students with Disabilities
  • Finishing the School Year Strong: Wrapping Up, Reflection, and Pausing
More Ways to Succeed

More Ways to Succeed

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