Explore the Benefits of Hybrid/Blended Learning Courses

What are Hybrid/Blended Learning Courses?

Hybrid learning courses are a perfect blend of self-paced learning with a synchronous component
designed to foster a sense of community and encourage conversation with teachers across the country.

Ideal for those seeking salary advancement and/or license renewal and recertification

Choose one 2-hour Zoom synchronous session that works best for you

Interact and learn directly from the course instructor and enjoy academic discourse with peers

Created from our most popular courses, enhanced with bonus content

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Unlock a Free 1-Credit Course

For a limited time only, upon successful completion* of a Hybrid/Blended Learning Course in the Spring or Summer Term, you will receive a promo code for a FREE 1-credit graduate-level, continuing education course through American College of Education – a $275 value! 

How it Works

  • Login to your account
  • Select one (or more) of our Hybrid/Blended Learning courses
  • Register for the 2024 Spring or Summer Term
  • Complete your course and earn a grade by the end of spring term (April 15, 2024) or Summer Term (August 15, 2024)
  • You’ll receive an email in early May (for Spring Term) or early September (for Summer term) with a promo code to unlock your free 1-credit graduate-level continuing education course

*One-time-use promo codes will be distributed in early May or September and will expire on June 30, 2024 or October 30th upon successful course completion (receipt of a grade) during the Spring or Summer Term. Promo code will only be valid for one 1-credit course, excluding courses 5845 and 5042 and registrants must select American College of Education as their university partner. 

Our Current Course Offerings

Hybrid: Surviving and Thriving as a Teacher

5545 | Gr. PK-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Living Your Happiest Life, Inside & Outside the Classroom

5705 | Gr. PK-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Be the Teacher
You Want to Be

5708 | Gr. PK-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Time Management Strategies for Educators

5742 | Gr. PK-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Instructional Strategies to Engage and Inspire Students

5703 | Gr. K-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) As Your Classroom Co-Pilot

5701 | Gr. K-12+ | $499

Hybrid: Surviving and Thriving as a Teacher

5545 | Gr. PK-12+ | $499

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Did Someone Say Free Credits?

When you gather a group of six or more, you’ll earn a free 1-credit course in partnership with our friends at American College of Education. Once your group closes, you’ll receive an email explaining how to access your free 1-credit course.

#5257 | 1-Credit | PK – 12+

Harness the Power of Screen Time in Your Classroom

Although research shows many negative effects on students’ brains, even when they follow age-appropriate guidelines, we believe that screen time isn’t inherently “good” or “bad”: it all depends on how we use it. Learn how to evaluate and set age-appropriate goals for intentional ed tech use with the SAMR framework.

#5268 | 1-Credit | PK – 12+

Spark Deeper Learning with Thinking Routines

With many opportunities to practice their “thinking moves” in a supportive classroom culture, student engagement and understanding are enhanced. In this course, you will explore ways to pair tech tools with thinking routines that spark the skills students need to be creative, critical, and curious 21st Century learners!

Please Note: All eligible group members will receive an email, 7-14 days after group close. This email will indicate current course offerings as well as a registration form to complete. To take advantage of this free course offer, please wait until you’ve received your Free Course email to register.

*This offer is valid for up to 3 months from your original group registration date-offer will expire 3 months after the date of purchase provided on your Teaching Channel group order receipt. This offer is in partnership with American College of Education – University Partner substitutions are not available. Your free 1-credit course is linked to your name only and not transferable to colleagues and friends. This offer is valid for the above listed courses only – course substitutions are not available. Coursework must be completed by the session due date of the session selected upon redemption. The free 1-credit course incentive is contingent upon your completed group registration. One free 1-credit course per unique group code. Individuals may redeem one free course in a 30 day window. If your group order is cancelled within 30 days, the free 1-credit course offer is null and void. Teaching Channel Session credit limits apply.