Reclaiming Your Passion for Teaching with Balance and Bandwidth

Course 5271

“Bandwidth,” is the term the course textbook authors use to describe what educators need in order to have the energy, passion, and time to feel balanced and successful. Complete the Brain Energy & Bandwidth Survey to measure and evaluate your current bandwidth, then explore sustainable strategies in individual and learning community pathways. Create a “Bandwidth Band,” educator group to discuss what fills, or drains, your cup and design a vision board to encourage strong self-care practices. Learn ways to prioritize tasks, time management tips, and how work-life balance can make you an even more effective and efficient educator. Explore multitasking, how modern connections and disconnections steal focus, and understand how the basic needs of sleep, food, and exercise are the foundation for flourishing.

This course will support all educators with actionable strategies, so you can feel your best both inside and outside of school.

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What you will learn:

Goals and Objectives of this Course:

  • Use prompts about reclaiming energy, passion, and time to describe assumptions and insights of practitioners, researchers and self, including how the information relates to professional education practice and growth.
  • Design a vision board to support the tenets of educator self-care.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to discuss educator bandwidth and strategies for collegial support.
  • Implement procedures for prioritization and work-life balance.
  • Challenge the status quo related to individual and learning community pathways for filtering, focusing, and fueling to increase educator bandwidth.
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Graduate-Level Continuing Education Course for Teachers

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